Pair of Small French Louis XVI Bronze D’ore Sconces, 19th Century

Item Number: 700x

Gorgeous Pair of French 19th century Louis XVI bronze d'ore sconces with a beautiful chased ribbon backing.

Price: $350 For the Pair view item

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Fantastic 17th Century Elaborately Loomed French Antique Tapestry

Item Number: 163MP

17th century French Elaborately loomed large tapestry with mountains and castle in background, depicting flushers blowing their horns to flush deer from the forest; hunters on horseback and on foot with staffs, going after deer with long spears, and grand ladies, hunters, and their dogs in foreground. Note men are wearing knee-high boots to enable them to walk through lush foliage. The ladies of the aristocracy are there to observe their noble husbands hunting, the main sport of the aristocracy in their country hunting preserves.

Price: $125,000 view item

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Magnificent Large French 19th Century Painting of Napoleon Exiled to Elba

Item Number: 174MP

Magnificent large French 19th century painting of Napoleon being left at His exile, with His men and their supplies. A boy, barefoot, seemingly a native of their place of arrival, is carrying the colors hanging from a sword in scabbard. An older boy in the center is perched on a rock, watching their ship sail away. Napoleon and His men are watching the ship that left them in exile sail away under full sail. One man is forlorn, with his head buried in his folded arms, another has his left arm raised, as if to be throwing up his arm in disgust,  another has both arms raised, one holding his chapeau de gendarme hat, in a gesture of farewell to the ship. One of the others is just sitting, in a pensive pose, as if to be considering their lot.  The obviously oldest man, bald with white mustache, is just resting, weary from the journey, and another sitting, just scratching his forehead, as if to be thinking, “How could this have happened?” On the right side of the painting in the background is a native man wearing a hat. Oil on canvas, in the original gold leaf frame, with Napoleon “N” framed in leaves at each corner, with large carved eagle at center top. About the Artist. The painting is signed by 19th century artist Louis Bauderon, and dated 1866.  The painter was born in Paris in 1809, and studied with the well-known French artist Eugene Delacroix.  Bauderon  exhibited much of his work since 1839, at the ‘Salon de Paris’ . He is most well-known for his portraits and scenes of War. Many of his battle paintings have been collected and preserved by the Museum of Versailles.  Prince Czatoryski of the Polish aristocracy was a well-known collector of Bauderon’s works as well.

Price: $75,000 view item

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Early 18th Century Portrait of Nobleman Outfitted in Suit of Armour

Item Number: 161MP

Early 18th century portrait of nobleman outfitted in suit of armour, with plumed hat, rose velvet, and white silk sash, set on pastoral background.

Price: $45,000 view item

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French Early 19th Century Faience Wall Pocket after Louis XV Bombé Chest

Item Number: 183MP

French early 19th century faience wall pocket in the form of a Louis XV Bombe` chest of drawers. The form is very Country French, hand-painted with flowers, and painting to show bronze mounts.

Price: $1,250 view item

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French 19th century carved, painted, and gilded Empire trumeau, blue background

Item Number: 193MP

French 19th century carved, painted, and gilded Empire/Classic Revival trumeau with blue background behind gold allegorical figures. The figures rest below a top pediment of carved and gilded leaves. A fluted pilaster is seen on either side, with heavily carved Ionic capital on each. The female figure is playing a lyre, flanked en either side by a male figure, a pedestal with a sphinx, cougar, and winged figure to her left. The mirror is on the original glass.

Price: $19,500 view item

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19th Century French Empire Painted Green and Gilded Mirror

Item Number: 3115

This beautiful French Empire trumeau Mirror is painted in a beautiful green with a lovely patina and dates back to the 19th century. The piece sports the original glass from the 1800s, and is adorned with gilded allegorical characters at top. Diana the Huntress can be seen driving her chariot in vibrant gold. The piece features fluted columns on either side crowned with gilded acanthus leaves. The mirror itself is framed in vines with a solid gold border.

Price: $15,000 view item

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French 19th Century Oil Painting

Item Number: 3180 

French 19th century oil painting of the Adoration of the Madonna and Child in a wooden frame

Price: $12,500 view item

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Pair of French Art Nouveau Crystal Sconces

Item Number: 666x

Elegant and unusual pair of French Art Nouveau solid crystal one light sconces

Price: $3,750 pr view item

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Pair of Italian Gilded Iron Sconces With Scroll Work

Item Number: 6556

This beautiful pair of Italian sconces are made of burnished iron and tole, and feature bobeches with real gold leaf. The craftsmanship in the flowing scroll work shows a detailed sense of balance and movement.

Price: $950 for the pair view item

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