Italian Florentine Carved, Gold and Silver Leaf Mirror Early 20th Century

Item Number: 4095

This beautiful Florentine carved mirror dates back to the early 20th century. The Italian made piece features a silver background with ample amounts of beautiful real gold leaf. The carved beading, scroll work, and fleurettes produce a gorgeously framed piece.

Price: $3,500 view item

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French 19th Century Louis XVI Gold Leaf Bevelled Mirror With Inner Oval

Item Number: 5772

This fantastic French Louis XVI mirror features true gold leafing and dates back to the 19th Century. The piece features a beautiful oval center with bevelled glass. The upper carvings show two doves on a wreath, one with a garland in foot, a flaming torch, and a set of arrows in a quiver. Each of these is a symbol in and of themselves; a pair of birds were depicted to symbolize love, and the flame and arrows were symbols of longevity and justice respectively. Venturing towards the bottom of the mirror, we see fantastic beading and a greek key design at the bottom corners.

Price: $12,000 view item

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Square Venetian Glass Mirror

Item Number: 636x

This square Venetian glass mirror is hand made and features a convex circular center. Added details of rosettes frame the piece, with an added layer of mirror framing the border, as well as the inner circle. Five smaller convex circles are featured near the corners, and textured pattern work is found along the borders.

Price: $2,500 view item

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19th Century Large French Octagonal Carved Gold Leaf Mirror

Item Number: 2073

This large octagonal mirror dates back to the 19th century and features beautiful gold leafing. The Giltwood is hand carved, and the glass is bevelled in the center and all eight sides of the frame. The outer octagon is elaborately adorned with an egg and dart carving, acanthus leaves are on the corner and bottom, and the top is stylized with a floriate shell motif. The piece does well to open up the space and brings an immaculate sense of France and the 1800s to any room.

Price: $12,000 view item

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French 19th Century Louis XV Carved and Gold Leafed Mirror

Item Number: 6833

This Louis XV mirror is beautifully carved, painted with real gold leaf, and dates back to the 19th century. The Giltwood piece features an elaborate reticulated plume design, shell motif around the frame, and carved elements extending from the upper portion of the mirror yielding a beautiful sense of depth and movement.

Price: $6,000 view item

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French 19th Century Large Gold Leafed Mirror with Coquillage Motif

Item Number: 49x

This French Regency style Mirror dates back to the 19th century. The piece is painted with real gold leaf, and features a shellfish, ‘coquillage’ in French, motif throughout. Large acanthus leaves rest at the lower left and right corners, and a beautiful crest with foliage and garlands extends from the top.

Price: $15,000 view item

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Italian Louis XVI Style Gold Leaf Mirror with Side Panelling, Mid-Century

Item Number: 332x

This Italian Louis XVI style mirror features true gold leaf and dates back to the mid 1900s. The piece is hand carved with gorgeous detail. Note the woodwork extending from the corners, the garland work at top, and the rosettes at the corners and center. The piece uniquely features beautiful narrow panels inset into the frame, the outer most panels are angled outwards, and the inner panels return to the mirror base, forming a small triangular shaped extension along the entirety of the frame. The piece is detailed and hand made with ample skill and care.

Price: $5,500 view item

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Italian Rococo Heavily Carved and Gilded Mirror

Item Number: 6595

This fine Italian mirror is Rococo in style and covered in gold leaf. The gilt wood mirror features an inset rectangular frame enveloped by a sea of sprawling acanthus leaves. The piece offers a deep sense of movement with the outreaching carved foliage, combined delicately with order and balance in the inset frame and cornered edges of the outer acanthus leaves. Its a piece almost as attention worthy as the onlooker.

Price: $4,000 Each view item

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Pair Of Italian Rococo Mirrors with Slight Gilding and Pastel Colors, 20th Century

Item Number: 6584

This pair of Italian mirrors are Rococo in style, and were made in the late 20th century. The pieces feature slight gilding, and a pastel color palette. The rectangular base is curved at the top, and the center panel is inset with a side panel mirroring the outer curve. The Rococo style is evident in the hand carving, scroll work, and pastel colors, giving the mirrors a beautiful theatrical feel.

Price: $3,000 each, $5,000 for the pair view item

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Pair of Italian Louis XV Mid-20th Century Painted and Gilded Mirrors, Red and Green

Item Number: 4013

This beautiful pair of Italian Louis XV style mirrors date back to the Mid 20th Century. The pair is painted, one red, one green, and gold leafed. The gilt wood features classic Lous XV carvings extending from the frame, seen most notably in the scroll work and acanthus leaves. The duo is simple, yet elegant and is poised to bring a beautiful taste of Italy to any room.

Price: $3,000 Each, also available as a pair view item

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