French Mid-20th Century Louis XVI Desk with Leather Top Inlay

Item Number: 571x

This classic Louis XVI fruit wood desk dates back to the mid 20th century. The straight legs, body, and fluting around the corners reflect the Louis XVI style quite well. It features a classic escutcheon, bronze mounts, drawer pulls, and inlaid black leather top with accompanying protective glass.

Price: $4,750 view item

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Mid 20th Century Louis XVI Marquertry Roll Top Desk

Item Number: 511x

This elegant Louis XVI marquetry desk features most notably an exquisite floral design on the front, interior, and sides. The piece dates back to the mid 20th century and is known as a ‘bureau de cylindre,’ or cylinder desk, pertaining to the revolving cylindrical top which can be opened and closed. The piece features three small drawers, pigeon holes, and a secret panel inside the revolving cylinder. There are also three large drawers below the writing surface, and finally bronze mounts throughout.

Price: $4,750 view item

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Rare and Stunning 19th Century French Empire Mahogany Desk and Bookshelf

Item Number: 6759/6760

This curved desk and bookshelf pair is both extremely rare and undeniably stunning. The pair dates back to the 19th century, is made of mahogany, and sports the empire style classically, seen most notably in the bronze d’ore mounts. The bookshelf features exquisite crossed arrows at the base with hidden pull out drawers above. Bronze feet rest above the white marble lip, which continue up mahogany columns to a set of gorgeous profiles. Empire mounts adorn the piece above. The desk features six drawers, bronze d’ore and patinated bronze stylized cheetahs, magnificent swan pulls original to the piece, and an inlaid black leather top. It’s unique in the placement of the detailed mounts. Usually, these would be seen on the exterior facing visitors in order to display wealth and beauty, here however the details are found facing the desk’s owner, perhaps in an effort to keep this beauty close to the seated beholder. The pair would work magnificently together in a library, or individually as a freestanding desk and a separate bar display. Desk: 7' 10" wide x 25" deep x 29 1/2" tall Bookcase: 11' 4" wide x 46" deep x 8' 9" tall

Price: $130,000 set discounted from $150,000 set view item

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Louis XV Desk Attributed to “Sormani” with Bronze D’Ore Mounts

Item Number: 6625

This French Louis XV marquetry bureau plat dates back to the 19th century and is attributed to the artist "Sormani". Born in Venice and working in Paris, Paul Sormani was one of the most gifted craftsmen in the 1800s. The large writing desk features exquisite bronze d'ore mounts. Note the work from the table legs to the muses facing the writer, the handle and key as well as the framework on the top. The piece features a leather, gold tooled writing surface and is in fantastic shape.

Price: $95,000 view item

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Louis XVI Writing Table Signed P. Sormani

Item Number: 310

French 19th century Louis XVI writing table with bronze dore mounts Signed P. Sormani

Price: $35,000 view item

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19th century Louis XV Writing Table

Item Number: 282x

French 19th century Louis XV satinwood writing table with bronze d’ore mounts and leather top

Price: $30,000 view item

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Late 18th century walnut Louis XV Table

Item Number: 1150

Late 18th century walnut 3 drawer Louis XV table

Price: $25,000 view item

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Louis XV Bureau Plat Signed “F. Linke”

Item Number: 1149

French 19th century Louis XV marquetry three drawer bureau plat finished on all sides, with bronze mounts and leather top; Signed "F. Linke"

Price: $75,000 discounted from $95,000 view item

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19th Century Boulle Tortoise Shell Center Table

Item Number: 2768

French 19th century red tortoise shell Boulle center table with bronze mounts

Price: $35,000 view item

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English 19th century Library Table

Item Number: 3330

English 19th century mahogany library table with leather writing surface, Circa 1820

Price: $12,500 view item

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