Pair of French Louis XV Patinated Bronze & Crystal Chandeliers, Late 19th Century

Item Number: 406x

This beautiful pair of French patinated bronze chandeliers feature the bird cage shape classic to the Louis XV style. The pair is draped with bunches of colored crystal grapes and adorned with finely etched crystal leaves. A large clear crystal spear is found at center. Unusual, clear crystal plaquettes in the shape of a bunch of grapes hang underneath each bobeche, and an amethyst colored crystal pear with etched glass leaves rests at bottom.

Price: $25,000 For the Pair view item

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French 19th Century Louis XV Iron & Crystal Chandelier

Item Number: 1353

This beautiful Louis XV style chandelier features the bird cage like shape classic to the period, and is made of iron and draped in a variety of crystals. The French light fixture dates back to the 19th century and plays host to crystal plaquettes in varying shapes and colors. Particularly striking are the large auburn colored crystals which bookend the piece at top and bottom.

Price: $9,000 view item

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Italian Early 20th Century Small, Elegant Crystal and Iron Chandelier in the Empire Style

Item Number: 4846

This elegant small Italian chandelier is made of iron and is  draped in crystal. The early 20th Century piece is constructed in the Empire design and plays host to ropes of oval crystal beads graduated in size from top to center ring, from center ring to bottom,  and is adorned with square-cut crystals around center. Crystal bobeches surround the three lights, and a group of spear crystals can be found at bottom. Finally, spear crystals can be found suspended by three hooks covered in small crystals in the beguise manner.     

Price: $4,750 view item

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Pair of French 19th Century Louis XVI Silver Plated Bronze Chandeliers

Item Number: 005x

This lovely pair of Louis XVI French chandeliers dates back to the mid 19th century. The silver plated bronze is draped with ropes of round and oval crystals and its four lights sit atop tole bobeches. Each arm features delicate crystal rosettes and plaquettes.

Price: $3,000 each view item

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Italian 19th Century Gold Leaf Gilded Tole and Iron Chandelier

Item Number: 6807

This gorgeous Italian chandelier dates back to the 19th century. It’s made of tole and iron and gilded entirely with gold leaf. The piece is draped in crystal, most notably featuring soft amber, & amethyst plaquettes at the base. Atop rests a crown with crystal beads, further down lies crystal encrusted and gold leaf gilded tole bobeches. Crystal fleurettes are featured throughout, and an urn of crystal beads rests in the middle of the piece. It is a truly beautiful 12 light fixture, in fact it was once a part of a past store owner’s personal collection.

Price: $37,500 view item

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Late 19th Century Italian Crystal and Gilded Iron Chandelier

Item Number: 8x

This Belle Epoque chandelier is made of gilded iron with carved and gilded wooden bobeches. The Italian Antique piece dates back to the late 19th century and carries ropes of octagon-cut crystals from the crown of gilded iron leaves to the center ring, they then cascade to the spherical iron finial of gilded iron at bottom.

Price: $$8,500 view item

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French 19th Century Louis XV Gilded Iron Chandelier with Clear, Amethyst, and Amber Crystals

Item Number: 6512

This Louis XV chandelier features both black and gold leaf gilded iron draped with a plethora of clear, amber, smoke and amethyst cut crystal plaquettes. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century. Beginning at top, we see crystal fluerettes enveloped by alternating amethyst and clear petals. Hanging from a crown of gilded acanthus leaves rest beautifully carved pear shaped plaquettes. At the crown’s center, we see an amber crystal ball, and as we move downward the eye meets a beautiful smoke colored spear. Continuing outward along the arms we find more amber, amethyst, and clear crystal plaquettes. This tantalizing piece offers exciting details at every glance, all the while remaining understated and unostentatious in its beauty.

Price: $25,000 view item

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Italian 19th Century Gilded Iron & Crystal Beguise Chandelier

Item Number: 6648

This gorgeous gilded iron chandelier is adorned with crystals in the timeless beguise fashion. This Italian antique dates back to the 19th century, circa 1820, and is draped with crystal plaquettes and porcelain flowers. Finally, a hollow cut crystal finial rests at bottom.

Price: $30,000 discounted from $37,500 view item

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