Rare Pair of Hand Painted 18th Century Louis XVI Consoles with Walnut Top

Item Number: 6788

This rare pair of Louis XVI consoles is an immaculate example of quality of material combined with 18th century artistry. The beautiful top is made of walnut, and rests upon a finely carved wooden base. The rarity is found in the hand painted faux marble finish as normally, this style of console would feature a natural wooden base, in one solid color if painted. The pairing of the hand painted marble design with the natural walnut top combines in both a uniqueness and beauty.

Price: $60,000 view item

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Louis XVI 19th Century Hand-Carved and Gold Leaf Marble Top Console

Item Number: 6853

This incredibly elegant and stately freestanding Louis XVI console table dates to the 19th century and features immaculately hand-carved wood. The piece sports cylindrical fluted legs with a number of contours and details. At the base, each leg is brought together by a beautiful urn topped stretcher hosting a flame. Following the piece upwards, the legs connect to a magnificent apron with a classic Louis XVI design, in this instance an impressive reticulated open weave. The piece is hand-painted with gold leaf in its entirety. Finally, resting atop the apron sits the original contoured Carrara marble.

Price: $9,000 view item

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French 19th Century Transition Period Hand-Carved Giltwood Console with Marble Top

Item Number: 6932

This incredible Transition Period console table is in excellent condition for its 18th century origins. The transition period refers to the brief time in French history between the ruling of Louis XV and Louis XVI, and both emperors influences are seen here. Louis XV most notably is seen in the curvature of the marble top, apron, and curvature of the top of the legs. As we transition from the top of the piece to the base, the legs transition from the Louis XV curvature to the straightness found in Louis XVI. The piece is made of hand-carved wood and features hoofed feet, a beautiful urn connecting the legs at the base, acanthus leaves, a greek key motif on the apron, and draped hand-carved ribbons. The console is covered in hand-painted gold leaf and the contoured marble is original to the piece.

Price: $35,000 view item

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Unique Italian Empire Console with Matching Mirror Circa 1830

Item Number: 6658

This beautiful Italian Empire set is comprised of a matching mirror and console and was created in the early 19th century circa 1830. The piece is detailed in hand carvings. The gold leaf gild work contrasts quite well against the painted brick red background. The piece is adorned with Egyptian influences and style; note the sphinxes, crown, and acanthus leaves for example. The torch legs are unique in their shape, as is the gorgeous column work which frames the mirror. Faux marble is painted at the base to match the original marble top of the console, furthering the sense of balance in the pair.

Price: $95,000 view item

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Italian Early 19th Century Marble Console

Item Number: 546x

This beautifully carved marble console was made in Italy in the early 19th century. The top piece features Carrara marble, while the hand carved columns are breche violette. These feature fluted fronts and sides as well as carved Italianate scrolls and leaves. 

Price: $9,500 view item

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18th Century French Louis XV Walnut Console

Item Number: 424x

This magnificent Louis XV four legged console is made of beautifully hand carved walnut and dates back to the 18th century. The piece is adorned with acanthus leaves on all four legs, features scroll feet and a floral design at the center, and a sublimely contoured marble top.

Price: $60,000 view item

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Pair of 19th Century Louis XVI Marble Top Consoles

Item Number: 0433

This pair of 19th century Louis XVI carved and painted consoles features, most notably, a top of gorgeous breche de violette marble. The hand carved bottoms offer details in plenty; each leg is adorned with acanthus leaves, with a block marguerite at top, an elaborately carved apron is found under the marble top with fluting filled by a floriate design. Lastly, a carved and painted stretcher rests at the bottom of each console, with a beautifully carved and painted finial standing at the center.

Price: $45,000 for the pair view item

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French 18th Century Regence Walnut Center Table

Item Number: 6690

This fine Regence center table is made of intensely gorgeous walnut and features details in plenty. Dating back to the 18th century, the French antique piece features most notably an elaborately carved apron accompanied by a striking mask at center . The piece rests on stately hoofed feet, above which sit detailed masks at the top of each leg. Lastly, a contoured faux marbre block tops the piece, culminating the details which result in a gorgeously elegant center table.

Price: $60,000 view item

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Early 20th Century Painted Italian Console Table

Item Number: 1569

This Italian Louis XV console table is beautifully carved and painted in the classic revival manner. The piece dates back to the early 20th century and rests on four cabriole legs, scroll feet, and hosts a faux marbre top. The table has an urn with leaves at the front, and a floriate design at the back. It exudes an effortlessly classic Italian presence.

Price: $5,500 view item

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18th Century Louis XVI Carved and Painted Consoles with Marble Top

Item Number: 6836

Showcasing this gorgeous pair of Louis XVI hand carved and painted consoles. The French antique duo dates back to the 18th century and is embellished with garlands and herms on the top apron. Black marble with white veining sits at top of each as they rest on carved, fluted legs. The shape is classic Louis XVI, accompanied with the beautifully contrasting black marble and light blue paint to produce a magnificent pair of console tables.

Price: $35,000 pair view item

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