About The French Antique Shop

We are a family owned and operated business representing four generations of true antique connoisseurs. Our founders, Monsieur and Madame Granet, devoted their lives to the appreciation of fine French antiques, and we take great pride in working to continue their legacy, as well as to provide modern continuations in the spirit of their ideals. On any given day, you might find Marc (third generation), Michael, or Brian (fourth generations) in the store

Our Location

Our gallery is located on the prestigious Royal Street, long famed for its world class antique and art galleries, within the Historic French Quarter of New Orleans. We provide a wide selection of antiques, with a particularly large selection of chandeliers and lighting.

The French Antique Shop is currently operated by:
Marc Friedlander – Third Generation
Brian Friedlander – Fourth Generation
Michael Friedlander – Fourth Generation

Our History

Our founders, Marie and Marcel Granet opened their first shop in Paris when they married in 1927. Just over a decade later, they fled the encroaching Nazi threat, evacuating on one of the final boats to successfully leave the port city of  Le Havre before the Nazis closed down the port. The Granets planned to move to Houston, a city they had met many customers in France who lived there. On their drive across the United States, they stopped for a night in New Orleans, and fell in love once again. New Orleans, particularly the French Quarter, reminded them of Paris, and they knew their calling was to stay here.

Marie and Marcel decided to open the first iteration of The French Antique shop on Chartres Street, and stocked the small space with furnishings and collectibles they had managed to bring with them from Paris. A few years later, after World War II had ended, they were able to return to France and reclaim more of their merchandise–which they had secretly buried in crates, to avoid theft while France was occupied. With the addition of more merchandise, as well as Marie and Marcel’s increasing success, The French Antique Shop moved from Chartres to Royal Street, and then to our further expanded present location at 225 Royal Street in 1947.

Today, we offer over 20,000 square feet of showroom space in our Royal street location. Our gallery is an aesthetic blend of the French roots our founders came from, with our family’s long ties to New Orleans. We offer a relaxed and friendly atmosphere to those who visit us, and we happily welcome all: from clients & designers in the throes of heavy renovations, collectors who have been seeking specific treasures for years, to visitors to our city who find themselves exploring and stopping by to take a break from the heat, rain, or both.

No matter who you are, you will find yourself steeped in history in our 200 year old building, surrounded by antiques dating to the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, alongside modern offerings for those looking for small memories of their time in New Orleans. And you can take pride in knowing that with us, you are supporting a truly local, family owned New Orleans business.

Our Inventory

We offer a remarkable and varied selection of antiques, as well as many options for gifts, collectibles, and keepsakes. Our antique items are European pieces–mostly from France–that date mainly from the 18th and 19th centuries. At The French Antique Shop, we believe in the true definition of antique as being items that are at least 100 years of age, and we are happy to share our knowledge of antiques with those that come through our doors. Expect to find mostly antique pieces in our collection, alongside modern gifts and collectibles, and feel confident knowing that we are happy to share the information we have on any piece you are interested in.

Lighting, in particular chandeliers, is a specialty of ours: visit us to enjoy the sight of hundreds of chandeliers covering the entire ceiling, with warm lights glowing between glittering crystals as you look down the length of our showroom. We are happy to offer extensive options in our collection, including items from small lamps to large chandeliers, made of everything from plain, unadorned iron to solid crystal to ornate castings of fine bronze covered in gold.

We also carry a wide selection of French and European furnishings, with styles ranging from simple country to the most elegant of high end sophistication and luxury. Whether you’re seeking a provincial piece that remains solid and functional 100+ years after construction, or you’re looking for intricate and ornate collector’s items, we will do our best to fulfill your requests, helping you navigate the nexus points of style, material, dimensions, and price point.

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