French 19th Century Carved & Gilded Mirror, Original Glass

Item Number: 2117a

This carved and gilded mirror comes to us directly from France and features the original glass. The piece is gilded with real gold and has immaculate movement in the carvings. The mirror is poised to bring a beautiful French addition to any room.

Price: $6,500 view item

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18th Century Louis XVI Carved and Painted Consoles with Marble Top

Item Number: 6836

Showcasing this gorgeous pair of Louis XVI hand carved and painted consoles. The French antique duo dates back to the 18th century and is embellished with garlands and herms on the top apron. Black marble with white veining sits at top of each as they rest on carved, fluted legs. The shape is classic Louis XVI, accompanied with the beautifully contrasting black marble and light blue paint to produce a magnificent pair of console tables.

Price: $35,000 pair view item

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French 18th Century Copper Lavabo

Item Number: 1686

This classic and simple 18th century copper lavabo is uniquely divided in half and embellished with a solid brass finial at top and brass spigot at the bottom of each half lavabo. A large copper bowl embellished with a brass ring at each side is placed under the fountain. Often seen with ivy growing in the bowl at bottom, lavabos are most frequently used as a wall ornament today.

Price: $5,000 view item

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French 18th Century Copper Lavabo Mounted on an 18th Century Oak Panel

Item Number: 1823

This Period 18th century copper lavabo features two solid copper finials at top and two brass spigots at the bottom of each half of the lavabo. The French antique piece is uniquely mounted on an 18th century carved and finished oak panel. The crown, top half, and base are embellished with a scroll work pattern pressed into the copper. Finally a large copper bowl rests under the fountain at bottom. Often times a piece like this will be used as a wall ornament today with ivy growing in the bowl at bottom.

Price: $7,500 view item

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Rare French 18th Century Faience Wine Cask and Basin

Item Number: 6057

This 18th century hand-painted faience set is in fantastic condition given its age. The Country style French antique piece features a wine cask & basin with a top painted with stripes. The cask is adorned with an image of an allegorical figure holding a banner next to a basket of fruit. Both pieces are decorated with garlands of stars and ribbons, and a floriate decoration is seen at the bottom rim of the basin. Finally a twisted yellow faience ring is attached to each side of the basin. Basin 16" wide x 11" deep x 4 1/2" tall; Cask 10" diameter x 24" tall

Price: $18,000 view item

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French 19th Century Still Life with Floral Garland and Urn

Item Number: 2787

Showcasing a beautiful 19th century still life painting with a garland of flowers cascading down each side of a classic covered urn. The piece offers beautiful shades of maroon, brown and off white hues as a backdrop for the detailed flowers at front. Two columns can be seen in the backdrop to offer a further sense of depth. An almost exact pair is available in our collection as well.

Price: $17,500 each, discounted from $22,500 view item

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Early 20th Century Italian Faience Lavabo

Item Number: 5316

This fine early 20th century Italian Faience lavabo is decorated in the classic 18th century manner with a fish on top, clipper ship on cask, and a golden dolphin head holding a spigot in its mouth. The basin at bottom is adorned in the same manner with fish, dolphin, and finial. The lavabo offers beautiful hues of light red, pink, and scenic ocean blues.

Price: $3,500 view item

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