French 19th Century Louis XIV Bronze d’Ore Chandelier

Item Number: 3005b

This French Louis XIV bronze d’ore chandelier is richly detailed and features a finely chiseled shell motif at the center. Notice the movement and definition from the crown, through the center stem, as we venture toward the arms. The arms are heavily detailed in themselves as they each embody an outreaching acanthus leaf to hold the candle at their end. Rounding this 19th century piece off is an acorn finial and dart and egg pattern at the bottom.

Price: $50,000 view item

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Magnificent French 19th Century Napoleon III Chandelier

Item Number: 5911

This Napoleon III finely chiseled ormolu chandelier is simply magnificent. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century and feature details in plenty. Beginning at top, we see a crown sporting a flowing bow ribbon motif draped around a floriate design. Acanthus leaves reach upwards accompanied by cascading garlands. The scrolling arms connecting the crown to the center feature balanced acanthus leaves with a central beaded bobeche. The center is itself draped in details; most notably an urn with Greek key design and handles holds a fluted flame. The urn and flame are mounted on an arrow & quiver, alongside a torch surrounded by roses. Moving outward, we see an impressive 40 bronze d'ore twisted arms beautifully arranged in clusters. They feature delicately detailed bronze d’ore candle cups, drippers, and bobeches. Finally, the magnificent piece is bookended at bottom with a bunch of grapes as a finial. One could spend a lifetime adoring the details that culminate in this fantastic fixture.

Price: $95,000 view item

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French 19th Century Antique Bronze Gasolier with Alabaster Bowl

Item Number: 3522b

This grand bronze gasolier is beautifully constructed in the Gothic Revival manner. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century and sits suspended from the crown by six bronze rods, which connect to the reticulated center ring. Bronze candle cups and bobeches play host to 16 lights. Finally, and most notably, the piece features a gorgeous alabaster bowl suspended from the base. The piece is simply magnificent, exuding an art deco presence into any room.

Price: $17,500 view item

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Four 19th Century Bronze Gasoliers, Available as a Set or Individually

Item Number: 3522

Showcasing one of four large bronze gasoliers with original gas fittings. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century and features a crown beautifully adorned with fleur de lis. Supporting rods cascade down from the crown to the elaborate reticulated center ring with bronze bobeches. Below hangs a small second tier with additional fleur de lis and bobeches. The piece exudes an Art Deco and Art Nouveau nature, accompanied by a clear New Orleans feel with the plethora of fleur de lis. To note, the fixtures can be sold individually or as a set of four with a discounted price. Each chandelier is available currently in its original gas burning state, but can be rewired for modern electricity upon request.

Price: $25,000 Each discounted from $30,000 each view item

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Extremely Large French 19th Century Bronze & Crystal Belle Epoque Chandelier

Item Number: 4681

This extremely large French Belle Epoque chandelier is made of bronze and plays host to a congregation of 40 arms. The piece is a gasolier, meaning originally gas burning chandelier, and still sports the keys to turn the flow of gas on and off. It dates back to the late 19th century, circa 1890, and features the original cut glass plaquettes alongside crystal bobeches. The bronze center offers beading and simple pattern work. It embraces the chandeliers three tiers, carrying a task similar to Atlas’ with class and elegance. A simple acorn finial rests at bottom. The quality is phenomenal, and the scale is beyond belief, making it suitable for only the grandest of spaces.

Price: $250,000 view item

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