French 19th Century Louis XIV Bronze d’Ore Chandelier

Item Number: 3005b

This French Louis XIV bronze d’ore chandelier is richly detailed and features a finely chiseled shell motif at the center. Notice the movement and definition from the crown, through the center stem, as we venture toward the arms. The arms are heavily detailed in themselves as they each embody an outreaching acanthus leaf to hold the candle at their end. Rounding this 19th century piece off is an acorn finial and dart and egg pattern at the bottom.

Price: $50,000 view item

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19th Century Cast Iron and Bronze Torchere with Gold Leaf Details and Lions’ Paw Feet

Item Number: 4051

This French Restauration torchere is made of beautiful cast iron and burnished bronze. The piece dates back to the 19th century and was originally made for gas. Its accented with seven branches, each still featuring their own control for the gas jet. The stem is fluted, and supported by three bent legs which end on a triangular base with lions’ paw feet featuring gold leaf and a gold patina.

Price: $9,500 view item

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Large French 19th Century Bronze Sconce

Item Number: 339x

This grand sized French bronze sconce features a single light with a satin finished globe in the shape of a flame, and dates back to the 19th century. The piece is quite large, almost three feet tall and nearly two and a half feet deep. The partially fluted arm extends from a bulb of acanthus leaves, with more leaves outreaching from the arm and the immaculately balanced scroll work. A final detailed fleurette sits in the middle of the scroll work adding to this balance and helping the piece feel light even with its grandiose and stately presence.

Price: $8,500 view item

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Late 18th Century Louis XV Walnut and Oak Table

Item Number: 1150

This French Louis XV table features 3 drawers with bronze pulls and dates back to the 18th century. The heavy oak top is supported by a walnut table base. The beautiful cabriole legs feature scroll carvings at the top, and acanthus leaves at the bottom. Its stature is both animated and balanced as it carries its 1700s origins with pride and a deep sense of history.

Price: $25,000 view item

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Louis XV 5 Piece Gilt Wood Salon Set Stamped “Krieger”

Item Number: 6613

This extremely fine French 19th century Louis XV gilt wood salon set consists of 4 armchairs and 1 settee, with Aubusson Tapestry upholstered on the backs, seats, and arms. Each piece is stamped "Krieger" and is elaborately carved in the Rococo manner. The shell at the top as well as on the front of each wide seat are classic Louis XV. Lastly, each piece rests on cabriole legs and scroll feet.  Armchairs 29" wide x 24" deep x 41" tall Sette 57 3/4" wide x 43 1/2" tall x 27" deep

Price: $150,000 view item

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19th Century Sevres Vases, Signed and Marked for the Original Chateau

Item Number: 0003

This pair of grand Sevres vases in "Pompadour Pink" dates back to the 19th century and are beautifully hand painted on both sides. Each large front panel features three costumed 18th century figures. On one vase we see a woman pointing off into the distance, a man stares longingly towards her, while another woman points her attention towards him. The other vase shows two men courting a woman with a fort in the background. The back sides show gorgeous pastoral scenes; long, stretching country roads with trees in the foreground and hills in the back are accompanied by a light blue sky. The gold pattern work uses gold leaf, and the pieces are stamped with the Sevres mark as well as a mark noting the chateau they were made for.

Price: $75,000 view item

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Pair of French 19th Century Bronze Horn of Plenty Sconces

Item Number: 4638

This Pair of French three light sconces are made of beautiful bronze d’ore, and date back to the 19th century. The sconces have finely chiseled arms, and horn of plenty bases which are embellished with a floriate decoration at the top, and acanthus leaves at the bottom. The arms feature bronze drippers and candle cups adorned with acanthus leaves, as well as bronze bobeches of acanthus leaves, edged with beads. Lastly, the central stem features spiraled flutung, mirrored in the fluting in the arms.

Price: $17,500 pair, discounted from $22,500 view item

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Large 18th Century Painted Louis XVI Console

Item Number: 5658

This Large French Louis XVI carved and painted demi-lune console is supported by four fluted legs graduated in size from top to bottom. The piece dates back to the 18th century, and features a Vert d’Estours marble top which rests on the carved, painted, and fluted apron. A carved leaf is featured in the apron over each leg, and vertical garlands rest inside each flute as well. The piece is beautifully large, and the thick cut marble with delicate green veining is set to stand out in any room.

Price: $45,000 view item

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Louis XV Bronze d’Ore and Crystal Chandelier

Item Number: 0469

This French Louis XV multi-tier chandelier is made of beautiful bronze d'ore and dates back to the 19th century. The piece features a stunning 45 lights, and is adorned with a plethora of crystal; large plaquettes can be seen in various shapes, often with accompanying fleurettes, crystal spears stand at attention on the exterior, the stem itself is crystal, and a fantastic large crystal ball finial with a lapidary cut rests at bottom. Finally, Bronze d’ore candle cups sit above floriate shaped bobeches.

Price: $95,000 view item

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Pair of Large English Brass Carriage Lanterns

Item Number: 4364a

This pair of English carriage lanterns are made of patinated solid brass and feature a hexagonal body with beveled glass panels. The pair is quite large, 41 inches tall, and are poised to bring a stately presence to any room or entryway.

Price: $3,750 view item

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