French 19th Century Transition Satinwood Cabinet

Item Number: 2781

This beautiful 19th Century Transition cabinet is inlaid with a satinwood veneer and is embellished with detailed bronze d’oré mounts most notably on the corners and feet. The French antique piece sports d'oré escutcheon on each of the four doors and a beautiful ornament on the bottom apron. Finally, the cabinet features fine bronze grills on each door and rests on short cabriole legs.

Price: $40,000 discounted from $45,000 view item

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Pair of 19th Century Carved and Gilded Oak Pedestals

Item Number: 579

This gorgeous pair of 19th century carved and gilded oak pedestals are immaculately detailed and well balanced. The French antique pair is adorned with gilded carvings of leaves which cascade down from the shell at top center, towards the base. More carved and gilded acanthus leaves are seen on the two angled corners at bottom, with fluted and raised elements above. The pair is constructed with a plain back making the pair best suited for placement against a wall.

Price: $15,000 pair view item

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French 19th Century Still Life with Floral Garland and Urn

Item Number: 2787

Showcasing a beautiful 19th century still life painting with a garland of flowers cascading down each side of a classic covered urn. The piece offers beautiful shades of maroon, brown and off white hues as a backdrop for the detailed flowers at front. Two columns can be seen in the backdrop to offer a further sense of depth. An almost exact pair is available in our collection as well.

Price: $17,500 each, discounted from $22,500 view item

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