French 19th Century Period First Empire Patinated Bronze and Bronze Sconces

Item Number: 0681

Magnificent pair of French 19th century Period First Empire round patinated bronze and bronze three light sconces with bronze candle cups of acanthus leaves, adorned with feathers, bronze fleurettes on patinated bronze ring, and elaborate reticulated vertical bronze back plate decorated with fleurettes, acanthus leaves, palmetto leaves, and Empire stylized pineapples, above and below large round patinated fleurette, with small bronze fleurette in center.

Price: $15,000 view item

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Pair of French Art Nouveau Crystal Sconces

Item Number: 666x

Elegant and unusual pair of French Art Nouveau solid crystal one light sconces

Price: $3,750 pr view item

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Set of Three Large 19th Century Louis XV Bronze d’Ore Sconces

Item Number: 343x

This set of French Louis XV single light sconces are made of bronze d’ore and date back to the 19th century. The pieces are adorned with acanthus leaves which outreach from the round foliate bracket. The fluted arms extend to the bobeches which are embellished with grapes.

Price: $2,750 Each, set of two $5000, set of three $7000 view item

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Large French 19th Century Bronze Sconce

Item Number: 339x

This grand sized French bronze sconce features a single light with a satin finished globe in the shape of a flame, and dates back to the 19th century. The piece is quite large, almost three feet tall and nearly two and a half feet deep. The partially fluted arm extends from a bulb of acanthus leaves, with more leaves outreaching from the arm and the immaculately balanced scroll work. A final detailed fleurette sits in the middle of the scroll work adding to this balance and helping the piece feel light even with its grandiose and stately presence.

Price: $8,500 view item

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Set of Four 19th Century Louis XV Four Branch Bronze Sconces

Item Number: 342x

This set of four, Louis XV four light bronze sconces comes to our collection from France and dates back to the 19th century. The pieces are well balanced and detailed; note the simple candle cups paired with detailed bobeches, the slight fluting in the arms absorbing into outreaching and sprawling acanthus leaves. The piece comes together and attaches to the wall through paired, resting acanthus leaves. Lastly an open lotus flower finial rests below. The simplicity and detail is bound to bring a fantastic element of France to any wall.

Price: $7,500 For the pair, 14,000 for the set of Four view item

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Single Italian Louis XVI Style Three Light Bronze Sconce

Item Number: 353x

This Italian Louis XVI sconce is made of bronze and beautifully detailed. The top features an allegorical draped urn, the body is beautifully fluted with garland details, the arms hold scroll work and acanthus leaves to the three outreaching lights with patterned bobeches. Lastly, a finial finishes the piece at bottom producing a classic and beautiful Louis XVI style sconce.

Price: $1,250 view item

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Pair of French 19th century Bronze Oil Sconces with Satin Glass ‘Torch’ Globes

Item Number: 4100

This pair of French 19th century  single light bronze oil sconces feature a classic design with satin glass globes in the form of a flame, wired for electricity.

Price: $1,500 view item

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Pair of French 19th Century Bronze Horn of Plenty Sconces

Item Number: 4638

This Pair of French three light sconces are made of beautiful bronze d’ore, and date back to the 19th century. The sconces have finely chiseled arms, and horn of plenty bases which are embellished with a floriate decoration at the top, and acanthus leaves at the bottom. The arms feature bronze drippers and candle cups adorned with acanthus leaves, as well as bronze bobeches of acanthus leaves, edged with beads. Lastly, the central stem features spiraled flutung, mirrored in the fluting in the arms.

Price: $17,500 pair, discounted from $22,500 view item

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Pair of 19th century Louis XVI Gilt Wood Sconces

Item Number: 363x

These beautiful and rare Louis XVI sconces were made in the 19th century and are uniquely made of gilt wood, meaning the wood is covered in gold leaf. Each sconce features two lights on outreaching arms, a greek key design at the base of the bobeches and center, leaves on the center stem connecting to a fluted and beaded column like top. They are classic in shape and design and would make a great addition to any room.

Price: $1,250 for the pair view item

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Pair of Green Italian Directoire Sconces with Black and Gold Details

Item Number: 0869d

This pair of Italian Directoire sconces are made of tole and hand painted. They feature a vase shaped stem in the center which mounts flush to the wall, and two outreaching arms which extends to the lights, covered by a tole shade. The shade, vase center, and two arms all feature beautiful black and gold hand painted details including sheet music and musical instruments.

Price: $1,800 for the pair view item

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