French Early 20th Century Louis XV Patinated Bronze Chandelier

Item Number: 3809

This early 20th century Louis XV chandelier is made with a dark bronze frame, which has then been draped with beautiful crystal plaquettes. A crystal ball hangs from the finial. The chandelier is topped with a crown of curved bronze arms supporting crystal plaquettes, all of which rest atop a crystal stem.

Price: $4,500 view item

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Gold Gilded Iron, Wood, and Tole Chandelier with Crystal, Mid 20th Century, Italian

Item Number: 655xa

This beautiful Italian chandelier is made of gilded (gold leaf covered) Iron, hand painted wood, crytsal and tole. The piece dates back to the mid-20th century and features a lovely spiral aesthetic along its center stem. Decorative furling leaves drape around its arms and centers, along with a beautifully decorated base. The piece is draped with ropes of octagonal crystal as well as crystal teardrops.

Price: $3,750 view item

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Black and Gold Wood Chandelier with Iron and Tole elements, Italian Mid-20th Century

Item Number: 4090

Dating to the mid-20th century, this simple and elegant chandelier is stylistically Louis XVI. Made primarily of wood, the fixture also has decorative iron and tole elements found at top and on the bases of the arms.

Price: $2,250 view item

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French 19th Century Louis XV Iron & Crystal Chandelier

Item Number: 1353

This beautiful Louis XV style chandelier features the bird cage like shape classic to the period, and is made of iron and draped in a variety of crystals. The French light fixture dates back to the 19th century and plays host to crystal plaquettes in varying shapes and colors. Particularly striking are the large auburn colored crystals which bookend the piece at top and bottom.

Price: $9,000 view item

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Italian Hexagonal Lantern, Mid 20th Century

Item Number: 6423

This classic Louis XVI style hexagonal hanging lantern is made of bronze and paneled glass. The piece is Italian and dates back to the mid 20th century. The design is both classic and timeless.

Price: $2,500 Each, Multiples Available view item

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Italian Silvered Wood & Iron two Tier Chandelier

Item Number: 296x

Italian carved silvered wood and iron two tier chandelier with floriate decorations in blue on silver. The arms feature wood candle cups and bobeches and are draped in carved, silvered teardrops.

Price: $4,500 view item

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Pair of Louis XVI Bronze Chandeliers with Crystals, French 19th Century

Item Number: 669x

This beautiful pair of Louis XVI style chandeliers features four spherical tiers of crystals suspended from a detailed bronze crown at top. The crown carries a grape motif in reference to Bacchus the god of wine, and dates back to the late 19th century circa 1880.

Price: $9,500 For the Pair, 4750 Each view item

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19th Century French, Louis XV-Louis XVI Transition Kingwood Marble Top Chest

Item Number: 6858

This classic French transition marble top chest with drawers features satinwood, kingwood, is inlaid with burl walnut, and sports detailed marquetry alongside bronze mounts and a marble top. The piece features a body classic to the Louis XVI style, and legs unique to the Louis XV style.

Price: $7,500 view item

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French Early 20th Century Bronze and Crystal Chandelier

Item Number: 670x

This beautiful early 20th century French chandelier features both fantastic crystal work and a delicately ornate crown. The crown features a grape motif, alluding to Bacchus the god of wine. Its bronze glimmers in the light from 3 intertwining interior bulbs. Beads of crystal, octagonally cut pieces first, then pointed tear drops hang below. Three concentric rings follow in this pattern giving the chandelier four crystal tears and ultimately a beautiful sense of movement in a classic style.

Price: $4,250 Each view item

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French Hexagonal Wrought Iron Hanging Lantern, 19th Century

Item Number: 2103

                                This beautiful hexagonal wrought iron hanging lantern features six glass panes and three central lights descending from a central stem. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th Century, and is embellished with lavish scroll work at top, […]

Price: $4,500 view item

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