19th Century Rose Canton Temple Jars

Item Number: 253

This pair of splendid Rose Canton Temple Jars date back to the 19th century and feature an unusual color palette. Floral elements set against a white background adorn the tops while the more ornate pattern work on the base is set against a unique pink rose background. The jars are in beautiful condition and offer an insight into the artistry and craftsmanship of the time.

Price: $12,000 for the pair view item

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18th Century Louis XVI Grandfather Clock, Heavily Carved Walnut

Item Number: 5444

This beautiful French Louis XVI clock features elaborately carved walnut and dates back to the 18th century. The piece is heavily carved on both sides as well as the front, which features a musical motif with a lyre, mandolin and horns on the door, topped with a Maltese cross above a carved drape. The door is centered with a reticulated fleurette carving and a small pane of glass behind. The top of each side has a carved bow ribbon, then the same musical motif is carried out in the carving with horns. The clock itself is embellished at the top with a pair of cornucopia, above which rests a sunburst centered with a face.  The white face of the clock is signed, reading ‘Grenier Cadet a Pleudihen.’ Finally, The clock rests on scroll feet at the bottom.  Pendulum and weights are included.

Price: $15,000 view item

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19th Century Sevres Vases, Signed and Marked for the Original Chateau

Item Number: 0003

This pair of grand Sevres vases in "Pompadour Pink" dates back to the 19th century and are beautifully hand painted on both sides. Each large front panel features three costumed 18th century figures. On one vase we see a woman pointing off into the distance, a man stares longingly towards her, while another woman points her attention towards him. The other vase shows two men courting a woman with a fort in the background. The back sides show gorgeous pastoral scenes; long, stretching country roads with trees in the foreground and hills in the back are accompanied by a light blue sky. The gold pattern work uses gold leaf, and the pieces are stamped with the Sevres mark as well as a mark noting the chateau they were made for.

Price: $75,000 view item

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Pair of Louis XVI Cassolettes with Rams Heads, Hoofed Feet, and Abundant Details

Item Number: 4974

This Pair of French 19th century Louis XVI cassolettes feature a beautiful white marble and are adorned with magnificent bronze mounts. The details are abundant and include a bronze pineapple finial over leaves, finely chiseled garlands over which beautifully detailed rams’ heads rest, fruited vines, acanthus leaves, and ribbon work. The pieces are supported by three hoofed legs, incredibly detailed themselves, with even more bronze work at the base. The pair is an elegant combination of finely chiseled bronze and marble, and are poised to bring a stately French element to a new home.

Price: $15,000 view item

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Pair of Covered 19th Century Chinese Jars with Bronze, Garden Scenes, Cobalt Blue, and Gold

Item Number: 5369

This beautiful pair of 19th century covered Chinese jars are decorated with flora and fauna in quaint garden scenes. The pieces feature detailed bronze in the bases at bottom, finials at top, and patterned ring at the bottom of the lid. The deep, dark cobalt blue background offers a fantastic contrast to the gold which rests on top, combined to surround the framed garden scenes. The pair is a beautiful example of the craftsmanship and artistry in the 1800s.

Price: $18,000 pair view item

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Pair of 19th century Chinese Rose Medallion Vases with Bronze Mounts

Item Number: 6292

Large pair 19th century Chinese Rose Medallion vases with antique French bronze mounts

Price: $35,000 For the Pair view item

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19th Century Japanese Imari Vases with Bronze Work and Unique Bronze Bases

Item Number: 6444

This gorgeous pair of 19th century Japanese Imari vases are beautifully hand-painted in the classic Imari colors of blue, terra cotta, gold and white. The pair features a Foo dog handle on each top, and detailed bronze work throughout. Note the patterned bronze work attaching the top to the base, the ring handle on each side of each vase, and the unique bronze footed bases, which are unusually cast in the shape of a classic carved rose wood base.

Price: $47,500 For the Pair view item

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French 18th Century Directoire Gilded Garniture Set

Item Number: 6255

This Directoire period, painted and gold leaf gilded tole jardinière set features a beautiful centerpiece with matching side urns. The French antique trio dates back to the 18th century and sports gorgeous details with gold figures standing in allegorical poses. The jardiniere’s central figure sits playing a lyre, attended by an angel in flight on either side. Large angels to her right and left carry the floral seat upon which she rests. The centerpiece’s handles feature detailed profiles as well, also seen at the right and left of each side urn. Final details rest on the aforementioned side urns as golden figures stand, draped in flowing cloth and holding offerings to the scene pictured on the centerpiece.

Price: $25,000 set view item

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French 19th Century Napoleon III Grey Granite Garniture Set with Detailed Bronze Mounts

Item Number: 0391

This 19th century Napoleon III three piece garniture set is made of beautiful of grey granite and adorned with finely chiseled bronze mounts. The French antique piece is constructed in the Louis XVI style and features details in plenty. Note the ram heads of finely chiseled bronze flanking the centerpiece as well as the two side urns. The centerpiece sports a shield in the middle, flanked on either side by bunches of cat’s tails mounts. A bronze floriate decoration with beading, marguerites, and acanthus leaf feet is featured at the base of each piece. Added bronze details are featured on the top and middle of the side urns, culminating the plethora of golden bronze, set against the polished and stately grey granite background. Centerpiece: 24" wide x 14" deep x 16" tall Vases: 22" tall x 12" diameter

Price: $60,000 set, discounted from $50,000 view item

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Pair of 18th Century Chinese Craqule Vases with Bronze Mounts

Item Number: 6391

A magnificent pair of early 18th century Chinese celadon craqule ware vases. When they were exported to France in the 19th century, the French added bronze d'ore mounts. Here we see tops, side handles, and bases of bronze d’ore, crafted beautifully in the Rococo manner.

Price: $75,000 pair view item

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