Magnificent French 19th century Empire White Marble Mantel Clock, Bronze d’oré Details

Magnificent French 19th century Empire white marble mantel clock adorned with bronze d’ore mounts in a floriate design. The piece features a female figure on either side wearing an Egyptian headdress, classic to the Empire style. Round white enamel clock face is flanked on either side by patinated bronze cherubs. The piece is crowned with a gorgeous bronze d’ore eagle, embellished with bronze d'ore details, and finished with a fantastically detailed bronze d'ore face which operated as the clocks pendulum. The piece is a stunning example of both the skilled craftsmanship and the timeless style of the 19th Century.

$17,500Item: 190MP


Height: 24 inches

Width: 16 inches

Depth: 4.5 inches

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