French 19th century Louis XV Marble Mantel

Item Number: 185x

This Louis XV – XVI Transition marble mantel features a contour shelf on a classic Louis XV apron with carved front and sides. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century and  sports marble with subtle white striations interspersed in the deep red-brown to offer a lovely sense of depth. 44" wide x 14" deep x 39 1/2" tall Inside: 30" wide x 32 1/2" tall

Price: $12,500 view item

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Carved Gold Leaf and Painted Mirror, Early 19th Century French, Louis XVI

Item Number: 6829

This beautiful Louis XVI mirror dates back to the early 19th century and features detailed carvings with gold leafing. The piece has added turquoise blue and red details, original to its creation in the 1800s. Detailed carving work is found throughout the frame, two tassels sit along the upper right and left sides, and added carvings protrude most noticeably from the top, as well as the bottom.

Price: $6,500 view item

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Early 20th Century Italian Polychrome Ceramic Mantel

Item Number: 3484

This fantastically unique polychrome ceramic mantel is made in the Louis XV style and features a coat of arms at center. The antique italian piece dates back to the early 20th century and sports leaves on either end of the apron. More detailed, golden foliage is found cascading down either side on a turquoise blue background. 58 1/2" wide x 8" deep x 40" tall Inside: 41" wide x 32 1/2" tall

Price: $12,500 view item

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French 19th Century Bronze D’ore Chandelier with Fleur De Lis Keys

Item Number: 6813

This fantastic Rococo chandelier features finely chiseled bronze d’ore. The piece was originally made for gas and uniquely sports horizontal fleur de lis key at the base of each cup to turn the flow of gas on and off. Dating back to the 19th century, the French antique piece offers bronze d’ore drippers, candle cups, and bobeches.  This magnificent chandelier is suspended from a bronze d’ore floriate crown with a d’ore center adorned with outreaching acanthus leaves.  Finally, the d’ore scroll arms themselves are acanthus leaves which curl into the d’ore candle cups. The piece is a store favorite, sitting above the desk of the owners, embodying the Rococo style with grace and style.

Price: $95,000 view item

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French 19th Century Louis XVI Cabinet Stamped “H. Dasson”

Item Number: 6811

This exquisite, large Louis XVI cabinet is stamped by “H. Dasson,” a prestigious cabinet maker well known for their quality and designs in the 1800s. The French antique piece features two center glass doors resting in between two side doors of satinwood. The piece is mounted in elaborate, finely chiseled bronze with a floriate motif throughout. Drawers with ring pulls rest behind both side panels, as each panel plays hosts to a detailed bronze feature at front. Final details include a beautiful piece fo Breche Violette marble at top, and uniquely shaped, bronze mounted feet at bottom.

Price: $75,000 view item

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18th Century Louis XVI Carved and Painted Consoles with Marble Top

Item Number: 6836

Showcasing this gorgeous pair of Louis XVI hand carved and painted consoles. The French antique duo dates back to the 18th century and is embellished with garlands and herms on the top apron. Black marble with white veining sits at top of each as they rest on carved, fluted legs. The shape is classic Louis XVI, accompanied with the beautifully contrasting black marble and light blue paint to produce a magnificent pair of console tables.

Price: $35,000 pair view item

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French 19th Century Louis XVI Bronze d’Ore Chandelier

Item Number: 2640d

This French Louis XVI chandelier is made of bronze d'ore, dates back to the 19th century, and is elegant in simplicity. The piece features a metallic ribbon flowing at the top, with three lights set on three arms below which are adorned with bobeches formed by leaves, acanthus leaves, and foliate decorations.

Price: $4,500 view item

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Pair of French 19th Century Empire Hanging Oil Lamps

Item Number: 201x

This pair of French bronze hanging oil lamps dates back to the 19th century and suspend from beautifully elaborate heavy chain. The crown resembles a gothic revival sunburst, connecting to the lamp in three positions. The lamp itself features detailed casting with scroll work and patterned embellishments, a handle, top, and two arms. It has been fully converted to electricity.

Price: $3,750 each view item

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