Bronze “After the Charge” by “Ruille” Circa 1860

Item Number: 6493

French 19th century bronze equestrian statue - "After the Charge" - signed by "Ruille" depicting a proud Hussar bearing the flag, leading the brave charge into battle. The artist did his own castings, making his works very rare and desirable. Circa 1860

Price: $32,500 discounted from $37,500 view item

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19th century bronze group “Education of Bacchus”

Item Number: 743

French 19th century bronze group entitled "Education of Bacchus" signed "Clodion". with two satyrs feeding baby Bacchus wine, teaching him to drink, with nymph squeezing grapes, making the wine, on orginal marble plinth.

Price: $50,000 view item

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