Pair of French 19th Century Regence Beautifully Chased Bronze D’ore Chenets

Pair of Regence Bronze D’ore Chenets

Item Number: 6874

Pair of French 19th century Regence beautifully chased bronze d’ore chenets each adorned with two Putti

Price: $10,000 pair discounted from $12,500 view item

19th Century Venetian Blackamoors

Venetian Blackamoors

Item Number: 6622

Pair Venetian 19th century carved wood and polychrome Blackamoors

Price: $65,000 pair, discounted from $75,000 view item

German 18th Century Figurines

German 18th Century Figurines

Item Number: 5539

Pair German 18th century Meissen porcelain double figures of Four Seasons; 7″ wide x 6″ deep x 10″ tall ; 7 1/2″ wide x 8 1/2″ deep x 10 1/2″ tall

Price: $14,500 pair, discounted from $18,000 view item

Bronze Animalier by "I. Bonhuere"

Bronze Animalier by “I. Bonhuere”

Item Number: 0372

French 19th century bronze Animalier bronze study of two sheep by “I. Bonhuere”

Price: $8,500 discounted from $9,000 view item