Pair of German 18th Century Meissen Figures Depicting the Four Seasons

This pair of German Marcolini Meissen porcelain double figures offer a beautiful and unique depiction of the Four Seasons.  This pair is unusual in its representation of the four seasons are married within two sculptures:  two seasons on each piece. Each season is easily identified:  Winter is warming their hands on a fire, Spring is holding a cascading bunch of flowers.  On the other sculpture, we find Autumn holding a sheave of wheat, and the figure of Summer is holding a bunch of grapes in one hand, about to sample them, with a larger bunch of grapes in the other hand. Each sculpture is stamped on its bottom with the Meissen crossed swords in blue.

$14,500 pair, discounted from $18,000Item: 5539


Height: 10 inches

Width: 7.5 inches

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