Pair of French 18th Century Bronze Statues of Satyrs, Signed Clodion

This magnificent matched pair of bronze figures was created by the well known bronzier Clodion in the late 18th century. The pair is a fantastic reflection of Clodion’s skill and celebration of the Rococo style.

Here, we see a pair of satyrs strolling in the woods next to a stump of a tree, smiling joyously at one another. Each holds a bronze d’ore horn with a round end and a musical instrument. On one side we see Pan, the chief of the satyrs, with his flute. On the other side we see a female satyr with a tambourine. In Greek mythology, satyrs were known as wild spirits of nature and were shown as half human and half beast.

Looking at the details of the fur, the balance of the figures, and the beauty of the garlands, we see Clodion’s impressive talent on full display.

Detailed Dimensions:
Stands (included): Height: 29” Width: 12” depth: 11”
Male Figure: Height 42” x width 18” x depth 18”
Female Figure: Height 41” x width 16” x depth 16”
Both Statues at base: 11.5” x 11.5”

$95,000 Discounted from $120,000Item: 126MP


Height: 71 inches

Width: 18 inches

Depth: 16 inches

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