Pair of French 18th Century Bronze Soldiers Signed ‘H. Dumaige’

Item Number: 151MP

Fine 18th Century bronze figures of a military drummer and a soldier loading his musket. Both bronzes are placed on a square shallow plinth base with titled plaques and are signed to the side H. Dumaige The soldier with drum features a plaque that reads, “Avant le Combat, Volontaire de 1792, par D J Maige," signifying the scene before battle. He is captured in motion, seen especially in the lifted heel. The war is set to begin shortly. The soldier with musket features a plaque that reads, “Apres le Combat, Volontaire de 1792, par D J Maige," notating that this is a scene after war. Hist stature is remarkably reflective of what has passed. He stands firm footed with shoulders at attention, yet eyes closed as if having a moment of solitude as the war is over. The juxtaposition and pairing of the two adds immensely to the beauty and craftsmanship of each individual bronze.

Price: $27,500 view item

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19th Century French Louis XV Bronze Chenets

Item Number: 387x

This magnificent pair of French Louis XV bronze chenets (andirons) date back to the 19th century. They feature patinated bronze putti, also known as cherubs, that rest on beautiful and immaculately cast bronze d’ore. The cherubs represent art and literature as one holds a hammer and chisel and the other a book. These would make a magnificent addition to any fireplace.

Price: $15,000 for the pair view item

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19th Century Carved Wood Statue of the Virgin Mary

Item Number: 409x

This French 19th century statue of the Virgin Mary is made of carved wood and is covered with thin layer of gesso and painted with polychrome. Mary is seen here crushing the Devil in the form of a serpent. The back is carved in the form of the Virgin’s head and hair, with her draped vestment, on the semi-circular stand, with stars. The statue rests on a square carved, gesso, and gilded base with leaves at top of each side, finally a Greek key design rests at the bottom of each side. 42" tall x 14" square: Statue 32" tall x 14 1/2" wide: Base 10 1/2" tall x 14" square

Price: $4,500 view item

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Pair of Magnificent 19th Century Regence Bronze D’ore Chenets

Item Number: 6874

This pair of magnificent French Regence bronze d’ore chenets (also known as andirons) is beautifully chased and dates back to the 19th century. The details are fantastic and plentiful; each is adorned with two Putti, and topped with a flame. The front of each is embellished with the torch and quiver over drum and helmet, and the base is chased in the Regence design. The pieces rest on scroll feet, and feature a square cast iron rod perpendicular to each to support logs in the fireplace.

Price: $10,000 pair discounted from $12,500 view item

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Pair of German 18th Century Meissen Figures Depicting the Four Seasons

Item Number: 5539

This pair of German Marcolini Meissen porcelain double figures offer a beautiful and unique depiction of the Four Seasons.  This pair is unusual in its representation of the four seasons are married within two sculptures:  two seasons on each piece. Each season is easily identified:  Winter is warming their hands on a fire, Spring is holding a cascading bunch of flowers.  On the other sculpture, we find Autumn holding a sheave of wheat, and the figure of Summer is holding a bunch of grapes in one hand, about to sample them, with a larger bunch of grapes in the other hand. Each sculpture is stamped on its bottom with the Meissen crossed swords in blue.

Price: $14,500 pair, discounted from $18,000 view item

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