18th Century Austrian Hand-Carved and Painted Cabinet Accented with Gold Leaf

Item Number: 6676A

This 18th Century Austrian painted cabinet is absolutely exquisite. The piece features raised panels on the sides, raised floral elements are covered in gold leaf and head to the pedestals with acanthus leaves and scroll work. A carved crest and urn sit at the top of the piece with ribbons of joining tassels flowing to the exterior. The cabinet is adorned with gold leaf accented paintings, features unusually curved shelves originally used to display fine dish-ware, and finally features the beautiful original glass. The glass has ‘settled,’ giving it the subtle waves in the reflections seen here not as imperfections, but a delicate portrayal of time and history.

Price: $175,000 view item

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18th Century Hand Painted Italian Cabinet with Original Glass

Item Number: 6676

This magnificent Italian 18th century cabinet is beautifully painted and comes to the store from Bologna. On the lower portion, the piece has 4 doors covered in a detailed heraldic design. The top portion features 4 doors as well, incredibly with the original glass still intact. The interior features five shelves and is painted throughout.

Price: $70,000 discounted from $90,000 view item

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Chinese Black Lacquer Cabinet with Stones

Item Number: 1095

This Chinese black lacquer cabinet features most notably semi-precious stones that are carved in the shape of birds, flora and fauna, and set into the piece itself. The carvings give added definition and allow the birds and flora to stand out even more so from the hand painted elements on the front, top, and sides. The piece features one drawer and two doors, adorned with gold trim. The floral painted designs throughout are set in a gold frame on the two front doors, drawer, and sides. The hardware is brass and original to the piece and the inside is black lacquer. Lastly, the top is decorated with a gold painting on black lacquer.

Price: $4,000 view item

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19th Century Louis XV Walnut Corner Cabinet with Bevelled Mirror, Circa 1830

Item Number: 5791

This French Louis XV corner cabinet is made fo beautiful walnut, and dates back to the 19th century Circa 1830. The piece offers incredibly elaborate floriate carving throughout, accompanied by hand chased bronze hardware. The cabinet has a bottom drawer and features a single door with beveled mirror in the upper panel. The shell motif, which is classic to the Louis XV era, is abundant throughout the carving, and is accompanied by a carved, contoured apron at top. Short cabriole legs support the aforementioned details, culminating in a beautiful hand carved walnut corner piece.

Price: $22,500 view item

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Grand Louis XVI Mahogany Cabinet with Bronze d’Ore Mounts, French 19th Century

Item Number: 5065

This Louis XVI four door mahogany cabinet is adorned with bronze d'ore swags and mounts throughout;  on the doors are floriate swags with a bow ribbon motif at center.  Between the top large doors, and the lower doors is a grouping of intertwining leaf scrolls.  The bottom doors are simply decorated in the classic Louis XVI manner, with short feet crowned with bronze d’ore capitals and bottoms. Additional details are seen in the bronze d'ore escutcheons as well as the gold leafed bronze in the fluting at bottom and the mounts at top left and right. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century and beautifully reflects the Louis XVI period with style.

Price: $45,000 view item

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French 19th Century Louis XVI Cabinet with Bronze d’Ore Mounts and Mirrored Back

Item Number: 1183

This 19th century marquetry cabinet features an elaborate inlay in the restrained manner of Louis XVI. The French antique piece is mounted with bronze d'ore in scroll and floriate designs throughout. Garlands drape down the lower front of the center door beneath clear glass pane, which reveals a mirrored interior. Finally, the piece rests on dark wood feet with bronze d’ore mounts.

Price: $25,000 discounted from $27,500 view item

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Pair French 19th century Louis XVI Cabinets

Item Number: 475

Pair French 19th century Louis XVI marquetry single door cabinets with central coromandel panel and bronze mounts

Price: $75,000 pair view item

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Italian Transition Period Painted Cabinet

Item Number: 2899

This classic Transition period 2 door cabinet is hand painted and dates back to the 19th century. The Italian piece sports the original hinges, escutcheons, and features a faux marbre top.

Price: $6,500 view item

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Louis XVI Cabinet, Stamped “H. Dasson”

Item Number: 6811

French 19th century Louis XVI large cabinet, stamped “H. Dasson” with 2 center glass doors, 2 side doors of satinwood, mounted in elaborate bronze, with drawers behind both side panels, and a marble top

Price: $75,000 view item

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Louis XV Meuble a Deaux Corps

Item Number: 5820

French 18th century Louis XV carved walnut meuble a deux corps with 4 doors

Price: $36,000 discounted from $45,000 view item

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