French 19th Century Louis XV Vitrine with Bronze Mounts and Glass Doors and Back

This magnificent Louis XV tulip wood vitrine features an incredibly unique curvature and detailed bronze mounts throughout. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century and sports vertical bronze mounts in the form of ribbons and reeds on either side of the center door. Two curved glass side doors are embellished with bronze escutcheon with acanthus leaves at top and bottom of the ribbons and reed motif. Bronze fleurettes are patterned throughout the piece, with lion’s paw feet at bottom. The piece’s unique glass back hints towards its possible initial use as a room divider. The vitrine’s stature is both delicate and strong as it exudes a refined sense of French history to any room it is found in.

$25,000Item: 1244


Height: 65.25 inches

Width: 71 inches

Depth: 19.5 inches

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