French 18th Century Regence Rare Padauk Wood Buffet

Item Number: 1109

This beautiful French Regence buffet is carved from rare, gorgeous padauk wood. The piece dates back to the 18th century and offers three doors. The two side doors flank a center door, above which sits a center drawer. The piece plays host to reticulated carvings on the top of each door. Bronze hardware can be found on the three doors and center drawer.

Price: $15,000 view item

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Exquisite 18th Century Lyonnaise Carved Walnut Buffet, Country French

Item Number: 171MP

Country French 18th century Lyonnaise carved walnut two door cabinet with original escutcheons, and hinges, adorned with heavy open work carving coming down from center to the apron, and on the legs with scroll feet. The cabinet has a contoured marble top with old Gothic edge.

Price: $75,000 view item

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Exquisite French 19 Century Louis XVI Mahogany Grand Buffet a Deux Corps, Signed

Item Number: 175MP

Exquisite French 19th century Louis XVI mahogany grand buffet a` deux corps, with marble top and bronze d’ore` mounts. This grand cabinet has French doors on the top and bottom. The doors have bronze d’ore knobs and escutcheons. There are bronze d’ore` swags and festoons across the top, a d’ore` egg and dart pattern, and a centered face framed with oak leaves and acorns. On either side of bottom half there are mounts in the shape of drapes with fringe, framed in beads on either side, as well as the top and bottom. The front of the center drawer is richly adorned with heavy bronze d’ore` fleurettes in circles, the whole in beaded frame. The piece rests on carved and fluted, round mahogany feet, with bronze d’ore` capitals of acanthus leaves, and acanthus leaves at bottom with bronze bun feet.

Price: $60,000 view item

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Regence Painted Buffet à Deux Corps, Early 18th Century

Item Number: 6816

This early 18th Century painted Buffet a Deux Corps is truly immaculate. The piece is a true period piece, made in the Regence era when Louis XV was too young of age to rule so the country was ruled temporarily by King Phillipe D’Orleans. The cabinet is hand painted and hand carved with beautiful detail and features two open shelves on the sides and a pull out drawer in the center. Its rare to see the hand-carved elements on top of the piece present and in this condition given its 18th century origins. The hardware is original to the piece, as are the six doors.

Price: $115,000 view item

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Napoleon III Server with Exquisite Marquetry, Heavily Chased Bronze, and Breche Violette Marble

Item Number: 6801

This exquisite Napoleon III two door server features heavily chased bronze d'ore mounts and dates back to the 19th century. The piece in which it is modeled after was designed in the 18th century for the King’s Library at the Palace of Versailles, and in fact remains at the palace still. The marquetry is finely detailed, the center featuring tulip wood, a slightly green wood commonly known as tulip or yellow poplar, satin wood, and pear wood all together combining to show the flower motif and urn on its side. Finally, the top is made of breche violet marble.

Price: $95,000 view item

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Large Louis XVI Mahogany Buffet Featuring Bronze D’Ore Mounts and Contoured Marble Top

Item Number: 5953

This exquisitely large Louis XVI side-board is made of mahogany and dates back to the 19th century. The piece features four drawers, five doors, and hand-chased ormolu mounts. Each door has a raised beveled panel with the edges covered in bronze d’ore mounts as well as an additional band of mahogany molding. The exterior of each drawer has inset panels surrounded by bronze d’ore mounts. Finally, the top is beautifully curved and contoured and finished with a gorgeous polish.

Price: $95,000 Final Price, discounted from $125,000 view item

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19th Century Louis XVI Walnut Buffet with Marble Top

Item Number: 0640

This French Louis XVI four door server is made of beautiful walnut and dates back to the 19th century. The piece features a contoured marble top finished in the an old Gothic edge. The two side doors are of contour shape, each of which has a fluted design, and the center framed pair of French doors is made of burl walnut. The columns supporting the top are fluted, and the bottom of the flutes are mounted with beautiful bronze garlands. The legs are of a 'boulbous' shape, are mounted with bronze acanthus leaves at the top, and have bronze feet on each. The design is balanced and classic throughout, and results in a simply beautiful buffet.

Price: $12,000 view item

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19th Century Louis XIII Buffet, Hand Carved Dark Oak

Item Number: 2948

This beautiful French Louis XIII country buffet features elaborately carved dark oak and dates back to the 19th century.  Gadroon carving is found throughout, with diamond shapes and round marguerites on the two doors. Oak pulls are found on these aforementioned doors, as well as on the two drawers at top. The oak is quite dark, bringing a true weight to the piece, with the hand carving balancing this with a sense of lightness, a combination which produces a stately, rustic, provincial buffet poised to bring a fantastic element of the French countryside to any home.

Price: $15,000 view item

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French 18th Century Louis XV Hutch

Item Number: 1652

This gorgeous Louis XV 4 door hutch features beautiful hand carved oak set with elaborate escutcheon on each door. The French antique piece dates back to the 18th century and sports details classic to the 1700s. A cornucopia carving sits at the top center, a shell motif rests at the top of each door with framed details at the bottom of each door. Finally, the apron at bottom sports elaborate details alongside the cabriole legs upon which the piece rests.

Price: $20,000 discounted from $25,000 view item

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French 18th Century Louis XV Walnut Buffet a Deux Corps

Item Number: 5820

This magnificent Louis XV buffet a deux corps is draped in delicate carvings. The French antique period piece dates back to the 18th century and plays host to floriate carvings, bronze hardware, and pierced escutcheon on each of the four doors. This beautiful piece, made for a dining room, rests on cabriole legs with scroll feet and carved contour apron. The crown is formed in a Chapeau de Gendarme, a shape that mirrors the military hats from the period. The craftsmanship is phenomenal, as is the material itself. It's a piece that exudes history and beauty in the most subtle of ways. 

Price: $36,000 discounted from $45,000 view item

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