Regence Painted Buffet à Deux Corps, Early 18th Century

Item Number: 6816

This early 18th Century painted Buffet a Deux Corps is truly immaculate. The piece is a true period piece, made in the Regence era when Louis XV was too young of age to rule so the country was ruled temporarily by King Phillipe D’Orleans. The cabinet is hand painted and hand carved with beautiful detail and features two open shelves on the sides and a pull out drawer in the center. Its rare to see the hand-carved elements on top of the piece present and in this condition given its 18th century origins. The hardware is original to the piece, as are the six doors.

Price: $115,000 view item

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Napoleon III Server with Exquisite Marquetry, Heavily Chased Bronze, and Breche Violette Marble

Item Number: 6801

This exquisite Napoleon III two door server features heavily chased bronze d'ore mounts and dates back to the 19th century. The piece in which it is modeled after was designed in the 18th century for the King’s Library at the Palace of Versailles, and in fact remains at the palace still. The marquetry is finely detailed, the center featuring tulip wood, a slightly green wood commonly known as tulip or yellow poplar, satin wood, and pear wood all together combining to show the flower motif and urn on its side. Finally, the top is made of breche violet marble.

Price: $95,000 view item

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Louis XV Meuble a Deaux Corps

Item Number: 5820

French 18th century Louis XV carved walnut meuble a deux corps with 4 doors

Price: $36,000 discounted from $45,000 view item

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Restauration Mahogany Buffet

Item Number: 6784

French 19th century Restauration mahogany two door side board with fine bronze d'ore mounts and Bleu Turquin marble top

Price: $35,000 view item

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Pair of Italian Credenzas

Item Number: 6709

Large pair of painted Italian two door credenza made from mid 19th century painted Venetian panels Circa 1850

Price: $45,000 pair view item

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