Pair Louis XV Bronze Sconces

Pair of Louis XV Sconces

Item Number: 0414

Pair of French 19th century Louis XV bronze d’ore 3 branch sconces

Price: $14,800 pair, discounted from $18,500 view item

Chinese Rose Medallion Lamps

Chinese Rose Medallion Lamp

Item Number: 0436

Chinese Rose Medallion lamp fitted with French 19th century bronze mounts

Price: $6,250 view item

Pair of 19th Century Candelabra

Pair of 19th Century Candelabra

Item Number: 0564

Pair of 19th century Continental porcelain 9 branch candelabra with putti

Price: $9,500 pair discounted from $15,000 pair view item

Louis XVI Bronze d'ore and Baccarat Crystal Chandelier

Louis XVI Chandelier

Item Number: 6785

19th century Louis XVI bronze d’ore and Baccarat crystal chandelier with chisled bronze d’ore cups and bobeches

Price: $30,000 discounted from $35,000 view item

Louis XVI Two Tiered Bronze Chandelier

Louis XVI Two Tiered Bronze Chandelier

Item Number: 1457

19th century Louis XVI two tiered bronze chandelier draped with oval crystal chains, cut crystal center, and an elaborate crown and center ring inset with crystal rosettes and beads

Price: $30,000 Final Price, discounted from $60,000 view item