18th Century Austrian Painted Cabinet

Item Number: 6676A

Exquisite 18th Century Austrian painted two door cabinet decorated with a floral motif, adorned with gold leaf carvings, paned with the original glass, and unusual curved shelves specially carved to display fine platters and dish-ware.


Price: $175,000 view item

French 19th Century Louis XVI Large Cabinet, Stamped “H. Dasson”

Louis XVI Cabinet, Stamped “H. Dasson”

Item Number: 6811

French 19th century Louis XVI large cabinet, stamped “H. Dasson” with 2 center glass doors, 2 side doors of satinwood,  mounted in elaborate bronze, with drawers behind  both side panels, and a marble top

Price: $76,000 discounted from $95,000 view item

French 19th Century Louis XVI Marble Top Mahogany Buffet Signed “Henry Dasson, 1882”

Louis XVI Buffet Signed “Henry Dasson, 1882”

Item Number: 6901

French 19th century Louis XVI marble top mahogany buffet signed “Henry Dasson, 1882” with two doors, and bronze mounts

Price: $48,000 Final Price, discounted from $60,000 view item