Magnificent Large French 19th Century Painting of Napoleon Exiled to Elba

Item Number: 174MP

Magnificent large French 19th century painting of Napoleon being left at His exile, with His men and their supplies. A boy, barefoot, seemingly a native of their place of arrival, is carrying the colors hanging from a sword in scabbard. An older boy in the center is perched on a rock, watching their ship sail away. Napoleon and His men are watching the ship that left them in exile sail away under full sail. One man is forlorn, with his head buried in his folded arms, another has his left arm raised, as if to be throwing up his arm in disgust,  another has both arms raised, one holding his chapeau de gendarme hat, in a gesture of farewell to the ship. One of the others is just sitting, in a pensive pose, as if to be considering their lot.  The obviously oldest man, bald with white mustache, is just resting, weary from the journey, and another sitting, just scratching his forehead, as if to be thinking, “How could this have happened?” On the right side of the painting in the background is a native man wearing a hat. Oil on canvas, in the original gold leaf frame, with Napoleon “N” framed in leaves at each corner, with large carved eagle at center top. About the Artist. The painting is signed by 19th century artist Louis Bauderon, and dated 1866.  The painter was born in Paris in 1809, and studied with the well-known French artist Eugene Delacroix.  Bauderon  exhibited much of his work since 1839, at the ‘Salon de Paris’ . He is most well-known for his portraits and scenes of War. Many of his battle paintings have been collected and preserved by the Museum of Versailles.  Prince Czatoryski of the Polish aristocracy was a well-known collector of Bauderon’s works as well.

Price: $75,000 view item

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Thomas Chippendale 18th Century Gold Leaf Mirror

Item Number: 00001

This incredible Chinese Chippendale carved gold leaf mirror dates back to the 18th century circa 1760. The substantially large piece features a pagoda center top framed by Cherubs resting on either side on their own pagoda rooftops. The piece is finely carved with foliage and Rococo style scrolls.

Price: $75,000 view item

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Pair of Unique Elongated Bronze and Crystal Art Nouveau Sconces, 4 Available

Item Number: 100x

This fantastically unique pair Art Nouveau Sconces are made of bronze and feature detailed crystal elements. The pair dates back to the 20th century and is especially narrow for its length. The bronze glimmers with a patina, spiraling bronze elements reach down from the shell motif found at top center, and crystal beads envelop the bobeches. There are currently two pairs available for a total of four sconces. The price listed is for the pair.

Price: $4,500 For the Pair, Two Pairs Available view item

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French 19th Century Empire Bronze and Patinated Bronze Sconces

Item Number: 875A

Exquisite French 19th century four-light bronze sconce with patinated bronze arms attached to large bronze orb in front of acanthus leaf backplate.  The sconces are adorned with bronze drippers, bronze candle cups in the shape of classic urns, and bronze bobeches.

Price: $12,500 view item

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French 19th Century Patinated Bronze Sconces

Item Number: 706x 

French 19th century Empire three-light patinated bronze sconces with arms decorated with acanthus leaves, bronze drippers, candle cups adorned with fleurettes, and bobeches under candle cups.

Price: $4,500 view item

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French 19th Century Period First Empire Patinated Bronze and Bronze Sconces

Item Number: 0681

Magnificent pair of French 19th century Period First Empire round patinated bronze and bronze three light sconces with bronze candle cups of acanthus leaves, adorned with feathers, bronze fleurettes on patinated bronze ring, and elaborate reticulated vertical bronze back plate decorated with fleurettes, acanthus leaves, palmetto leaves, and Empire stylized pineapples, above and below large round patinated fleurette, with small bronze fleurette in center.

Price: $15,000 view item

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Pair of French Mid-20th Century Bronze Sconces

Item Number: 714x

Beautiful pair of French two light sconces crafted in the Rococo style. The bronze pair dates back to the mid-20th century.

Price: $750 For the Pair view item

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Large Pair of Italian Mid-20th Century Tole Sconces

Item Number: 713x

Beautiful large pair of Tole sconces made in Italy, dating back to the mid 20th century. Each sconce features two lights, a flat back, and tole shades over each light as well as scroll work under the pierced arms.

Price: $2,250 For the Pair view item

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Pair of French Late 19th Century Louis XVI Bronze and Crystal Sconces

Item Number: 712x

  This beautiful pair of Louis XVI style French antique sconces feature three arms each as well as crystal bobeches. The pair dates back to the late 19th century. The arms are draped in octagonal crystal, crystal spears, and simple plaquettes. The backplates are decorated with classically beautiful Louis XVI motifs.

Price: $4,500 For the Pair view item

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Pair of Italian Semi-Circular Replicas of Parisian Street Lights

Item Number: 6577

This beautiful pair of Italian semi-circular oscuro (dark) bronze wall lanterns features curved glass panes and made to resemble Parisian street lights of the 19th Century. The pair dates back to the 1950s and features a crown of castles at top.

Price: $4,250 For the Pair view item

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