Collection of Beautiful Lacquered and Gold Leaf Trays

Each tray is handmade with artisans completing each step, from cutting and sanding the wood to applying the artwork, by hand. Once applied, the artwork is given finishing touches, such as genuine gold leaf and hand-painted details. The final application of the glossy lacquer is applied in 12 layers, giving the pieces a durable finish. Each tray measures 14 inches x 14 inches.

Price: $145 Each view item

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Collection of Lacquered Hand-Painted Original Trays

These unique lacquered trays are made of a sturdy wooden base and, are individually painted by hand by a skillful artisan, signed on the leather back, with multiple coats of lacquer applied successively, creating a depth of color and an elegant finish, making them impervious to alcohol and water. Trays measure 19" x 13".

Price: $_ Click View Item to see prices view item

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