18th Century Aubusson Tapestry signed “De Landrieve” & M R D”Aubusson”

Item Number: 6164

This grand French Aubusson Verdure Tapestry dates back to the 18th century and features an exotic landscape with mythical animals. A long legged bird forages amidst exotic blossoming foliage at the center. Behind it rests a grand hillside with castle flying its standards. Branches of tall flowering trees are spread throughout, behind them a crested flying bird is revealed. The piece is woven in silk and wool with a green trim in the bottom border. The piece is signed "De Landrieve" & M R D"Aubusson"

Price: $95,000 discounted from $125,000 view item

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Bronze “After the Charge” by “Ruille” Circa 1860

Item Number: 6493

French 19th century bronze equestrian statue - "After the Charge" - signed by "Ruille" depicting a proud Hussar bearing the flag, leading the brave charge into battle. The artist did his own castings, making his works very rare and desirable. Circa 1860

Price: $32,500 discounted from $37,500 view item

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Set of Four 19th Century Louis XV Bronze d’Ore Sconces Stamped H D 1885

Item Number: 6810

This magnificent set of four French Louis XV sconces are made of beautiful bronze d’ore and date back to the 19th century. Each sconce is stamped on back, “H D 1885,” and offers beautiful details; note the bronze d’ore drippers edged with beads, candle cups, and circular bobeches of acanthus leaves.  The back-plate features Pan playing his pipes, a symbol of unity and joy. Acanthus leaves drape from Pan’s waist to the scrolling arms, further scrolling elements rest below, adorned with acanthus leaves, ending with double fleurettes on either side. Finally, vines are featured growing from a bow ribbon in the middle, spiraling to acorn finials at the very end. 

Price: $30,000 set of four, discounted from $47,500 view item

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19th Century French St. Louis Crystal Chandelier Signed “St Louis France”

Item Number: 178x

This magnificent Saint Louis crystal six arm chandelier was originally made for candles and is uniquely Signed "St Louis France" on the crystal center. The French antique fixture dates back to the 19th century and features six cut crystal arms, a cut crystal center, crystal bobeches, and a beautiful crystal bowl adorned with crystal drops. The piece is stunning in its shape and quality. Subtle notes of character can be found in the curving crown at top and tulip-shaped finial at bottom.

Price: $95,000 view item

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“Krieger” Signed French Louis XV 19th Century Chest with Bronze d’Ore Mounts and Breche d’Alep Marble Top

Item Number: 6357

This fantastic Louis XV two drawer Bombé commode features finely chased bronze d'ore mounts in the floriate manner throughout. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century, circa 1880, and is signed by the artisan “Krieger,” well known for their craftsmanship and quality in the 1800s. The piece is inlaid with satin wood flowers below a beautifully contoured breche d'Alep marble top. The bronze d’ore works as a striking element to offer a sense of balance and movement. It both frames the inlaid floral pattern wonderfully, and offers accenting details as it rests on the top of the legs on the diagonal as well as the piece's feet.

Price: $42,500 discounted from $45,000 view item

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Belgian 19th Century Louis XIV Bronze Chandelier Signed “F. Wissaert”

Item Number: 2677

This fantastic Belgian Louis XIV style bronze chandelier features bronze candle cups and large bronze bobeches. It is uniquely Signed "F. Wissaert.”  The piece dates back to the 19th century and sports a detailed, patterned center adorned with herms at the top and on the central ring. The arms are decorated beautifully with acanthus leaves. Finally, a large finial rests at bottom bookending the fixture’s details.

Price: $75,000 view item

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French 19th Century Louis XVI Cabinet Stamped “H. Dasson”

Item Number: 6811

This exquisite, large Louis XVI cabinet is stamped by “H. Dasson,” a prestigious cabinet maker well known for their quality and designs in the 1800s. The French antique piece features two center glass doors resting in between two side doors of satinwood. The piece is mounted in elaborate, finely chiseled bronze with a floriate motif throughout. Drawers with ring pulls rest behind both side panels, as each panel plays hosts to a detailed bronze feature at front. Final details include a beautiful piece fo Breche Violette marble at top, and uniquely shaped, bronze mounted feet at bottom.

Price: $75,000 view item

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French 19th Century Louis XV Commode Signed “L’Excellent Paris”

Item Number: 6439

This small Louis XV two drawer Bombé features beautiful floriate marquetry at front and on both sides. It is uniquely, and significantly signed, "L'Excellent Paris.” The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century and showcases a plethora of finely chiseled bronze d'ore mounts enveloping the floral marquetry. The piece also sports bronze d’ore escutcheons, as well as a beautifully contoured marble top.

Price: $45,000 view item

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French 19th Century Second Empire Salon Set, Upholstered in Silk, Mounted with Bronze d’Ore, Signed by “Jeanselme”

Item Number: 5941

Showcasing this magnificent Second Empire mahogany salon set which includes six fauteuil open armchairs, four side chairs, and one sofa. The French antique set dates back to the 19th century, circa 1840, and is beautifully mounted with stylized acanthus leaves, marguerites, and feet  in bronze d’oré. Notably, each piece is signed by the artisan “Jeanselme.” Each piece is also upholstered in beautiful silk, two of the arm chairs features the same gold and white silk as the sofa, with the other four being upholstered in rose silk and bordered in gold. The four side chairs are upholstered in aubergine silk. The set is simply magnificent, not only in its condition, but also in its timeless empire style. Six Armchairs 23"wide x 21"deep x 37"tall - Four Side Chairs 20"wide x 17"deep x 35 1/2"tall - One Sofa 71"wide x 23"deep x 37 1/2"tall

Price: $150,000 For the set view item

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19th Century “Dutch style” Chandelier, Single or Pair

Item Number: 300x

This “Dutch style” chandelier is made of beautifully patinated brass and dates back to the 19th century. The fixture is single-tiered with five lights and sports a set of unique outreaching arms reminiscent of a medieval style.

Price: $950 Each, also available as a pair view item

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