Pair Of Italian Rococo Mirrors with Slight Gilding and Pastel Colors, 20th Century

Item Number: 6584

This pair of Italian mirrors are Rococo in style, and were made in the late 20th century. The pieces feature slight gilding, and a pastel color palette. The rectangular base is curved at the top, and the center panel is inset with a side panel mirroring the outer curve. The Rococo style is evident in the hand carving, scroll work, and pastel colors, giving the mirrors a beautiful theatrical feel.

Price: $3,000 each, $5,000 for the pair view item

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Incredibly Unique French 19th Century Brass Chandelier

Item Number: 1259

This unusual French brass chandelier dates back to the 19th century and features a myriad of unique details. Most notably, the top stem resembles a saw blade, reaching from the ceiling to the elements below. The bottom of the piece features an eight point star, with brass candle cups, brass bobeches, and scroll work with spherical elements above. The piece is dripping in character and uniqueness.

Price: $4,500 view item

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Pair of Early 20th Century French Louis XV Patinated Chandeliers

Item Number: 4429 

This gorgeous pair of Louis XV chandeliers features patinated bronze, giving it a noticeably darker hue. The six arms are fitted with  bronze bobeches and draped generously with beautiful crystal plaquettes. The center features a large crystal obelisk, even more crystal plaquettes, and lastly, an intensely beautiful crystal ball finial with a lapidary cut lies underneath.

Price: $4,500 each view item

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Italian Mid 20th Century Napoleon III Hand-Carved Gilt Wood Mirror

Item Number: 4910

This Italian made, hand carved mirror dates back to the mid 20th century and features a beautiful gold leaf paint on its surface. The frame is detailed with simple pattern work. Floriate carvings, rosettes, and garlands extend from the frame, especially impressive in the hand carving at top.

Price: $6,000 view item

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Late 19th Century Hanging Ship Light, Brass and Copper

Item Number: 623x

This Antique ship lantern is made of Brass and Copper. The piece dates back to the late 19th century, and was originally hung in an old ship, likely placed in the ship’s gallery. The flashlight shaped piece’s time on the water is tangible, and fills the fixture with character and history to spare.

Price: $600 view item

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Pair of French Art Nouveau Crystal Sconces

Item Number: 666x

Elegant and unusual pair of French Art Nouveau solid crystal one light sconces

Price: $2,250 pr view item

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Pair of Italian Louis XV Mid-20th Century Painted and Gilded Mirrors, Red and Green

Item Number: 4013

This beautiful pair of Italian Louis XV style mirrors date back to the Mid 20th Century. The pair is painted, one red, one green, and gold leafed. The gilt wood features classic Lous XV carvings extending from the frame, seen most notably in the scroll work and acanthus leaves. The duo is simple, yet elegant and is poised to bring a beautiful taste of Italy to any room.

Price: $2,000 Each, also available as a pair view item

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French 20th Century Bronze Lantern with Bevelled Glass Panes

Item Number: 297x

This beautiful French lantern is made of bronze and dates back to the 20th century. The piece features fantastic beveled glass panes throughout. The bronze work is detailed and abundant, note the crown, pattern work in the upper ring, added elements at top, and the detailed finial below. The piece combines simplicity and detail to create a well balanced lantern ready to bring light and character to any home.

Price: $1,250 Each, also available as a pair view item

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Italian Rococo Heavily Carved Gold Leaf Mirror, 20th Century

Item Number: 4011

This Italian Roccoco style mirror features ornate, heavy carvings and is painted with gold leaf throughout. The 20th century gilt wood mirror has a simply patterned inner frame, which is surrounded by scrolling acanthus leaves mirroring the shape of the glass and frame. The combination of movement and balance is evident here, yielding a quite lovely Italian piece.

Price: $4,500 Each, also available as a pair view item

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French Louis XVI French Horn Chandeliers with Silvered Brass, Also Available as a Pair

Item Number: 4637

This French Belle Epoque chandelier is made of silvered brass, and features beautiful ‘French Horn’ arms draped with detailed rope and hung with tassels. The piece dates back to the early 20th century, and features acanthus leaves on top the fluted central stem and is finished with bow work on the center ring and finally a detailed acorn finial at bottom. The silvered brass gleams with character and will offer a beautiful French element to any home. The piece is sold individually, or as a pair.

Price: $3,000 Each, also available as a pair view item

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