19th Century Imari Centerpiece with French Bronze Mounts

Item Number: 0373

This 19th century Imari centerpiece is mounted with French Louis XVI bronze rim, handles and a pedestal base. The bronze is well balanced and heavily detailed, especially at the base. The Imari itself features the classic Imari colors of blue, terra cotta, gold and white, with hand painted details.

Price: $8,500 view item

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18th Century Japanese Porcelain Centerpiece with 19th Century French Bronze d’ore Mounts

Item Number: 5349

This large Japanese porcelain centerpiece combines 18th centruy porcelain with 19th century French bronze d'ore. This combination was classic to the period as the French would import the high quality porcelain and later add their own intricate gold leafed bronze elements. In the bronze d’ore here, we see a beautifully beaded rim, curving handles embellished with acanthus leaves, and a pierced base with ball-and-claw feet. The porcelain itself is beautifully detailed with countryside scenes filled with nature. The combination of strong French bronze with delicate 18th century Japanese craftsmanship is strikingly elegant.

Price: $18,000 view item

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19th Century Chinese Rose Medallion Coupe with French Bronze d’Ore Mounts

Item Number: 6142

This extremely fine 19th century Chinese Rose Medallion porcelain covered coupe is mounted with a 19th century bronze d'ore pierced rim, handles and a pierced pedestal base. The bronze d’ore is French and classic Louis XV. It exudes a beautiful impression of nature in its movement. In the 18th and 19th century the French had a strong affinity for export porcelain, and would add extraordinary bronze d’ore handles and bases to export porcelain bowls, to make the piece grander. This is a gorgeous example of the practice, as it combines exquisite porcelain and ornately detailed bronze d’ore.

Price: $18,500 view item

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