Pair of French 19th Century Bronze d’oré Candelabra with Meissen Porcelain

Item Number: 186MP

Gorgeous pair of French 19th century three-light bronze d’ore` candelabra with Meissen porcelain man on one, lady on the other: each modeled standing holding a handled basket. Each porcelain features features floriate details and rests on a bronze d’ore` base with the three light candelabrum behind each. The candelabrum are beautifully crafted in the Louis XV/Rococo style, with acanthus leaves on the arms as well as the candle cups.

Price: $17,500 view item

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Stunning Pair of French 19th Century Bronze D’oré Candelabra with Female Figures

Item Number: 191MP

Pair of French 19th century candelabra existing of pair of patinated bronze lady on each, majestically resting on a fluted half-column adorned with bronze d’ore` garlands in each flute, on a grand bronze d’ore` base with acanthus leaves surrounding the base. The lady stands in an allegorical pose and holds a flute with candelabra’s arms adorned with acanthus leaves and scrolls. The bobeches and candle cups are decorated with acanthus leaves and topped by a dripper on each candle cup.

Price: $37,500 view item

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Exquisite pair of Large French 19th Century Louis XV Baccarat Girandoles

Item Number: 6235

These large girondoles are one of the most striking examples of baccarat crystal in our collection. The pieces themselves are over four and a half feet tall, producing a stately and timeless presence in any room. They feature beautiful bronze d’ore work in the Louis XV style. Their sixteen arms carry numerous incredibly fine and large baccarat crystal plaquettes and fleurettes, not to mention the center stem and top spear made of baccarat crystal as well. The pieces are simply magnificent.

Price: $95,000 view item

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Napoleon III Bronze D’Ore Chandelier with Cherub and Acanthus Leaves

Item Number: 6348

This exquisite French 19th century Napoleon III chandelier features intense and beautifully radiant bronze d’ore. The piece is adorned with acanthus leaves; note the movement on the arms, growing to the top, and the flower bulb like candle cups. Lastly, a bronze d’ore cherub is seen in the center holding a sickle, a symbol of bounty in harvest.

Price: $47,500 discounted from $60,000 view item

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Pair of 19th Century French Napoleon III Bronze d’Ore Candelabras with Floriated Snuffers

Item Number: 0622

This pair of French Napoleon III candelabras are made of beautiful bronze d’ore and date back to the early 19th century. The pieces feature five candle holders each with a detailed bronze d’ore dripper and candle cup. The pair has a Regence influence as the base of each features a cherub face, and is finished with scroll feet. Acanthus leaves, garlands, and floriated details are found throughout, including the floriated snuffers which can be used in the center candle cup of each as pictured. 27" tall x 15" diameter; base: 7 1/2" wide x 5 1/2" deep

Price: $8,500 view item

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19th Century Cast Iron and Bronze Torchere with Gold Leaf Details and Lions’ Paw Feet

Item Number: 4051

This French Restauration torchere is made of beautiful cast iron and burnished bronze. The piece dates back to the 19th century and was originally made for gas. Its accented with seven branches, each still featuring their own control for the gas jet. The stem is fluted, and supported by three bent legs which end on a triangular base with lions’ paw feet featuring gold leaf and a gold patina.

Price: $9,500 view item

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Pair of 18th Century Nine Branch Candelabra with the Mark of Meissen

Item Number: 0564

Showcasing a magnificent pair of 18th century Meissen porcelain nine branch candelabra with satyrs. Both satyrs are dancing and featured hoofed feet. One of them is playing the symbols while the other is seen glancing over to remark and enjoy the music. Candle cups and bobeches are seen in a floriate design, and the branches are encrusted with grapes as is the hair of each satyr. The pieces are fantastic in design, craftsmanship, and quality and feature the Meissen stamp at bottom.

Price: $9,500 pair discounted from $15,000 pair view item

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French 19th Century Bronze Candelabra with Champleve Insets

Item Number: 0201

This unusual pair of 19th century three branch candelabra is made of bronze and features Champleve insets. The French antique pair is flat-backed, made to be used against the wall, as on a mantel, and has bronze candle cups and bobeches of leaves. The champleve is gorgeous and features a light blue background with red, orange, and darker blue pattern work. The name comes from the French word for ‘raised field,’ and comes from an enameling process in which cells are etched into the surface of a metal object and filled with vitreous enamel then fired. Finally, the pair is adorned with acanthus leaves on the scroll stems.

Price: $5,500 view item

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French 19th Century Bronze d’Oré Candlelabra

Item Number: 0702

This grand pair of bronze d’oré candelabra features floriate candle cups, leaf bobeches, and arms in the classic Rococo style. The French antique pair dates back to the 19th century and sports a center stem & foot also decorated in a floriate manner and adorned with acanthus leaves.

Price: $8,000 pair view item

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