French Mid 20th Century Crystal Chandelier

Item Number: 686x

This French crystal chandelier dates back to the mid 20th century and offers a unique design. At top we see a crown of scrolling crystal. Moving down the central stem we meet a beautiful and simply patterned crystal bowl from which the six crystal arms emerge. These arms, like the crystal at top, offer a ribbed design which gives the crystal depth as well as a plethora of angles from which light refracts and dances off of. The six arms end in crystal bobeches, which rest on bronze plates. Finally, the bobeches are embellished with octagonal crystal and crystal spears, a pattern mirrored by the crystal bowl at center.

Price: $6,500 view item

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French Early 20th Century Bronze & Crystal Chandelier

Item Number: 4857

This classic early 20th century bronze chandelier comes from France and is draped in a variety of beautifully cut crystal plaquettes. Note the crystal fleurettes at top and center, the teardrop and geometric crystal interspersed throughout, and the crystal obelisk in center. The six light fixture is well balanced, sophisticated yet not overcrowded poised to bring a refreshing breadth of French decor into any space.

Price: $4,500 view item

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French 19th century Louis XV Bronze and Crystal Chandelier

Item Number: 671x

This classically beautiful Louis XV chandelier is made of bronze and features unusually large crystal plaquettes. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century and sports a simple crown of small bronze arms, large colored crystal plaquettes, and small clear crystal fleurettes. These amethyst colored plaquettes are found interspersed around the nine lights which feature curved bronze bobeches and simple candle cups. Finally, a lapidary cut crystal ball finial rests at bottom.

Price: $12,500 view item

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Pair of French 19th Century Louis XVI Bronze and Crystal Chandeliers

Item Number: 672x

This beautiful pair of Louis XVI two tiered chandeliers are made of bronze and are embellished with a plethora of fine crystal. The French antique pair dates back to the 19th century and features a fantastic spiraling crystal center with a hollow crystal sphere insert. The acanthus leaf crown at top is draped with ropes of octagon crystal as well as crystal spears. Moving towards the twelve lights, we see beautiful crystal bobeches and a large gallery of octagonal crystal ropes connecting the concise bronze arms. The large crystals below each bobeche are especially unique in both their size and cut. Final details can be found in the acorn finial at bottom, and tulip shaped finial resting below.

Price: $25,000 For the pair, Also available individually view item

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Pair of Early 20th Century French Louis XV Patinated Chandeliers

Item Number: 4429 

This gorgeous pair of Louis XV chandeliers features patinated bronze, giving it a noticeably darker hue. The six arms are fitted with  bronze bobeches and draped generously with beautiful crystal plaquettes. The center features a large crystal obelisk, even more crystal plaquettes, and lastly, an intensely beautiful crystal ball finial with a lapidary cut lies underneath.

Price: $4,500 each view item

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French Louis XVI Bronze and Crystal Chandelier

Item Number: 667x

Beautiful French 19th century Louis XVI chandelier with bronze top ring and adorned with finely cast garlands and ribbons, draped with tear-dropped prisms, and nine interior lights. Circa 1890

Price: $12,500 view item

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French 19th Century Louis XVI Bronze and Crystal Chandelier, stamped Baccarat

Item Number: 631x

This elegant 6 light bronze and crystal Louis XVI chandelier features crystal bobeches stamped with the famous “Baccarat” trademark, a French glass and crystal manufacturer known for creating the highest quality products for over two centuries. Alongside these bobeches, the piece features delicate crystal adornments on the center stem, beautiful crystal plaquettes, as well as draping octagonal cut crystals on both the crown and arms. Finally, a magnificently clear crystal ball rests on the finial.

Price: $9,500 view item

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French Late 19th Century Bronze and Crystal Chandelier

Item Number: 624x

This elegant late 19th century French chandelier features detailed bronze and gorgeous crystal in a variety of forms. Ropes of octagonal crystal beads flow from the crown to the center ring, beautifully detailed crystal bobeches rests atop the 12 arms, and crystal tear drops hang from 8 concentric rings slowly graduating in size from center to bottom. Every inch of bronze features beautiful details making the crown, arms, and center ring all a sight to behold. The combination of all of these bronze and crystal elements gives the chandelier a truly timeless and classic sense, exhaled into the room in which it is featured.

Price: $35,000 view item

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French Early 20th Century Bronze and Crystal Chandelier

Item Number: 641x

This beautiful early 20th century French chandelier features both fantastic crystal work and a delicately ornate crown. The crown features a grape motif, alluding to Bacchus the god of wine. Its bronze glimmers in the light from 3 intertwining interior bulbs. Beads of crystal, octagonally cut pieces first, then pointed tear drops hang below. Three concentric rings follow in this pattern giving the chandelier four crystal tears and ultimately a beautiful sense of movement in a classic style.

Price: $4,250 view item

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Unique Late 19th Century Bronze Chandelier with Cut and Polished Crystal Globes

Item Number: 594x

This fantastic late 19th century chandelier features an array of unique elements in a rarely seen shape. The five globes are extremely finely cut, polished and made of heavy crystal. The piece features a mirrored bottom, used to reflect and inherently amplify the light as well as to create a more open space. The lights’ orientation, facing downwards, is a straight forward indication that the piece was made after electricity. The ornately cast arms are made of bronze, and attach to a beautiful dome. It also features a fine bronze finial indicative of the time period, surrounded by a circle of octagonal and teardrop crystal.

Price: $8,500 view item

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