French 18th Century Louis XV Poudreuse(Vanity Table or Dressing Table) by “Hache Fils a Genoble”


This stunning Louis XV period poudreuse (dressing table or vanity table) by “Hache Fils a Genoble” is made of walnut with a contrasting dark trim.  In the center a mirror slides forward to stand perpendicular to the piece. The piece has two drawers, a tierette, and a door that opens on top of either side for storage.  While the left side is deeper with a dummy drawer on the front, the right side is more shallow with a real drawer below. The piece is dated “April 1775,” with a paper glued on the bottom interior of the right hand drawer to signify Hache as the creator. 

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Height: 28.5 inches

Width: 31 inches

Depth: 18 inches

Item Number: 6328

Price: $45,000

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