19th Century French Louis XVI Bronze & Crystal Chandeliers

This beautiful, Grand Louis XVI chandelier is made of bronze and draped with rows of octagonal crystals. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century and offers details in plenty. The crown is a group of acanthus leaves, cascading to a ring of ribbon and read motif, with bow ribbon at each one of the four arms. The ropes of oval cut crystals ate graduated in size from the top to the large pierced center ring, then from the center ring to the bottom finial. There is a pair of acanthus leaf arms at each one of the four sides, joined together by a stylized heart topped by a flame. Floriate garlands are draped from arm to arm to connect each pair. The 8 exterior arms combine with 8 interior lights to provide ample light alongside the more than ample character.

$75,000 each; also available as a pairItem: 2671


Height: 67 inches

Width: 51 inches

Number of Lights: 16

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