Set of 12 French 19th Century Restauration Side Chairs with Detailed Bronze d’ore Mounts

This set of 12 elegant Restauration style side chairs are made of beautiful mahogany and date back to the 19th century. Each chair features finely chiseled bronze d'ore mounts seen most notably in the allegorical winged female figure at the center of each chair back. The bronze d’ore mounts are also seen at the top of each chair in a laurel leaf design, in the marguerites at the top of each front leg, and the floriate design on the front apron. Finally, each chair features the original 19th century tapestry.

$45,000 set, discounted from $60,000 setItem: 6782


Height: 33 inches

Width: 19.5 inches

Depth: 15 inches

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