Pair of 19th Century Louis XVl Lamps Made of Chinese Vases

This gorgeous pair of antique lamps combine Chinese porcelain with beautiful French bronze mounts. The porcelain itself is 19th Century Famille Rose, indicated by the pink band at the base and pink hues throughout. The color is vibrant and in pristine condition. A gathering between two elders is shown on one side and is paired with a nature scene on the other. The handles move like the branches of a tree which work well to connect the continuing nature motif in the bronze mounts. The bronze was added in the 19th century by the French, is bronze d’ore (covered in gold), and features a key used originally to control the length of the wick. The piece has been converted to modern electricity.

$12,500 pairItem: 5554


Height: 32 inches

Width: 8 inches

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