Extremely Large French 19th Century Bronze & Crystal Belle Epoque Chandelier

This extremely large French Belle Epoque chandelier is made of bronze and plays host to a congregation of 40 arms. The piece is a gasolier, meaning originally gas burning chandelier, and still sports the keys to turn the flow of gas on and off. It dates back to the late 19th century, circa 1890, and features the original cut glass plaquettes alongside crystal bobeches. The bronze center offers beading and simple pattern work. It embraces the chandeliers three tiers, carrying a task similar to Atlas’ with class and elegance. A simple acorn finial rests at bottom. The quality is phenomenal, and the scale is beyond belief, making it suitable for only the grandest of spaces.

$250,000Item: 4681


Height: 101 inches

Width: 106 inches

Number of Lights: 40

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