Bacchus Themed 19th Century French Louis XVI Bronze d’Ore Chandelier

This Bacchus themed French Louis XVI chandelier features beautifully detailed bronze d’ore and dates back to the 19th century. Note the movement in the ribbon work at top as well as the arms, the grape leaf finials and vines flowing through the piece, the outreaching arms with beaded cups, detailed bobeches, and swags of garlands. Acanthus leaves are interspersed at the base, lightly in comparison with the abundance of grapes, vines, and bacchus heads with paired arms extending above. The god of wine’s influence is unapologetically seen, in fact it is loudly and joyously exclaimed in the craftsmanship, resulting in an immaculate chandelier.

$15,000Item: 4460


Height: 35 inches

Width: 28 inches

Number of Lights: 8

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