Beautiful 19th Century Hand Painted Satsuma Tea Set

This 19th century Satsuma tea set features beautiful details; each piece is decorated with pagoda and mountain background and members of Emperor’s court in the foreground. The teapot, covered sugar container, and covered cream container are all embellished with a golden dragon on top. Each cup also features a dragon handle, is decorated throughout the exterior with a golden rim, and uniquely the interior bottom of the cup depicts two ladies and a child. Each saucer is decorated with a scene of daily life at court, and each piece is marked on the underside. The pieces, with measurements are as follows:

1 Teapot: 9" tall x 9" wide -
1 Creamer: 7" tall x 6 1/2" wide -
1 Sugar: 8" tall x 7" wide -
11 Cups: 2" tall x 4 1/2" wide -
11 Saucers: 5 1/2" diameter -

$7,500 setItem: 0088

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