18th Century Louis XVI Twin Bed with Beautiful Hand Painted Details

This 18th century French Louis XVI painted and gilded bed features elaborate, beautiful paintings. The piece offers plentiful details in great condition especially for their origins in the 1700s. The exterior of the foot board is embellished with three groupings; in center a pair of doves sit on a mandolin, which rests on open sheet music. This piece is flanked by the left and right; on the left by a pair of hearts are seen on a shield, with a torch and quiver over a bed of roses. On the right a sheave of wheat rests over sickles, a spade, and a rake, over a wagon on a bed of roses. Floral elements and framing are spread throughout the piece, all of which rests on a golden background.

Headboard: 48" tall x 50 1/2" wide; Footboard: 40" tall x 50" wide

$9,000Item: 2211

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