Antique Treasures Re-discovered “In the Attic” Now For Sale

New Orleans, July 24, 2003 – During their recent showroom expansion of the upper floors, the French Antique Shop re-discovered hundreds of exquisite antiques, collected from Europe over the past few decades and these are now being made available for the public and collectors.
“We kept finding the most amazing merchandise, items that we had forgotten about, or set aside for one reason or another. That’s when we decided to devote for a limited time a certain portion of our revamped second floor showroom to displaying and discounting for rapid sales these lost treasures”
That’s Henry Granet, proprietor of The French Antique Shop, located at 225 Royal Street, in the heart of New Orleans’ famed French Quarter.
The “Treasures from the Attic” Sale is now underway, and is the first Sale for the Shop since it opened in 1947.
“It just seemed like the timing is correct, and the merchandise is so special, that we wanted to do something a little different for us,” Granet continued.
The Treasures from the Attic Sale coincides with the recently renovated street entrance to the three upper levels of the Shop. The entryway, separate from the main floor showroom, allows the visitor to use an elevator to reach the second and third floor showrooms, which have been completely revamped and re-stocked.
More than 20,000 square feet of enlarged showroom space featuring fine antique furniture, chandeliers, specialized lighting, mirrors, statuary, porcelains, mantels and other decorative items, is now open to the public.
The French Antique Shop specializes in antiques from Europe.
“My parents purchased this location in 1947, and established one of the premier antique businesses in this City. Today, we are a destination for designers and lovers of European antiques, who come here from all over the world.”
The French Antique Shop’s Treasures from the Attic Sale is for a limited time. After that, the space will again be used to display fine, one-of-a-kind merchandise that is constantly being brought to New Orleans from Europe.
The French Antique Shop was founded in 1927 in Paris by Marie and Marcel Granet, parents of Henry Granet and Nicole Granet Friedlander, and grandparents of Marc Friedlander, all current owners.

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