Grand Pair of French 18th Century Louis XV Walnut Bergeres, Original Upholstery

Item Number: 172MP

Grand pair of French 18th century Louis XV walnut bergeres, heavily carved on top, arms, apron, and legs; upholstered in the original needlepoint upholstery on the back, sides, the front above the apron, and the cushions.

Price: $15,000 view item

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Exquisite 18th Century Walnut Regence Sofa Upholstered in Fine Silk

Item Number: 173MP

Exquisite 18th century Regence sofa, with heavily carved walnut apron, legs and stretchers, upholstered in fine silk. The back and apron are serpentine, with arms that are wings, upholstered in the same fine fabric. This is a very rare piece, due to its age, and scale.

Price: $9,500 view item

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Pair of 19th Century Napoleon III Mahogany Chairs with Bronze d’Ore Details

Item Number: 0317

This beautiful pair of French Napoleon III open arm chairs are made of mahogany in the Empire manner. The pair dates back to the 19th century and is embellished with bronze d'ore laurel leaves and floriate d’ore mounts throughout. Note the top of the arms, the mahogany back which is framed with the bronze d’ore details, as well as the front and both sides of the seat. The pair is upholstered in fine, light red silk of the Empire style, a combination of details which result in a timeless and elegant set.

Price: $15,000 For the pair view item

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Set of 6 19th Century Louis XVI Side Chairs

Item Number: 2849

This set of 6 French Louis XVI side chairs are hand carved and painted, dating back to the 19th century. The set features caned seats and backs, above beautifully carved stretchers and delicately carved straight legs.

Price: $15,000 set view item

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18th Century Italian Louis XVI Dining Chairs, Set of Six (6)

Item Number: 6650

A magnificent set of six Italian, 18th century, Louis XVI carved, painted, and gilded side chairs with two matching armchairs. The set features block marguerites carved at the top and side of each square, tapering legs, and are upholstered in fine moire taffeta silk on the backs, seats, and arms. Side Chair: 38 1/2" tall x 21" wide x 16" deep Armchair: 39 1/2" tall x 24 1/2" wide x 19" deep

Price: $45,000 view item

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Set of 12 French 19th Century Restauration Side Chairs with Detailed Bronze d’ore Mounts

Item Number: 6782

This set of 12 elegant Restauration style side chairs are made of beautiful mahogany and date back to the 19th century. Each chair features finely chiseled bronze d'ore mounts seen most notably in the allegorical winged female figure at the center of each chair back. The bronze d’ore mounts are also seen at the top of each chair in a laurel leaf design, in the marguerites at the top of each front leg, and the floriate design on the front apron. Finally, each chair features the original 19th century tapestry.

Price: $45,000 set, discounted from $60,000 set view item

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Pair of French 19th Century Louis XVI Gilt Wood Armchairs

Item Number: 0034

This pair of classic Louis XVI armchairs feature beautiful carved gilt wood, and date back to the mid 19th century. The chairs sport a square back with carved marguerites at the top of each tapered and fluted leg. Each chair is upholstered in a beautiful Aubusson tapestry, one featuring a male figure on back, the other a female figure. The seats offer different details as well; one showing an eagle and a ram, the other, a grazing deer rests on its seat. The details continue in the hand carved beading and patternwork throughout, resulting in a glimmering, stately pair of chairs poised to bring a lovely French element to any home.

Price: $12,500 pair discounted from $15,000 pair view item

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Pair of 19th century Louis XVI Walnut Armchairs with Original Petit-Point

Item Number: 2306

This pair of French Louis XVI open arm chairs (fauteuils) features beautifully carved walnut and dates back to the 19th century. The hand carving is truly fantastic, with delicate details found in the block marguerites, acanthus leaves and pattern work on the arms, and the design work on the chair’s back especially. The pair features fluted legs and is upholstered in the original petit-point.

Price: $8,500 view item

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Pair of French 19th Century Directoire Re-painted Fauteuils

Item Number: 2419

These beautiful Directoire style, square back fauteuil armchairs feature block marguerites on the top, front and sides of the legs, and date back to the 19th century. The French Antique pieces, all together a set of 6 but also available in pairs, sport plain sabre legs at the back, and are upholstered in a stately green leather with upholstery tacks.

Price: $6,000 For The Pair, 18,000 for the Set view item

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French 19th Century Second Empire Salon Set, Upholstered in Silk, Mounted with Bronze d’Ore, Signed by “Jeanselme”

Item Number: 5941

Showcasing this magnificent Second Empire mahogany salon set which includes six fauteuil open armchairs, four side chairs, and one sofa. The French antique set dates back to the 19th century, circa 1840, and is beautifully mounted with stylized acanthus leaves, marguerites, and feet  in bronze d’oré. Notably, each piece is signed by the artisan “Jeanselme.” Each piece is also upholstered in beautiful silk, two of the arm chairs features the same gold and white silk as the sofa, with the other four being upholstered in rose silk and bordered in gold. The four side chairs are upholstered in aubergine silk. The set is simply magnificent, not only in its condition, but also in its timeless empire style. Six Armchairs 23"wide x 21"deep x 37"tall - Four Side Chairs 20"wide x 17"deep x 35 1/2"tall - One Sofa 71"wide x 23"deep x 37 1/2"tall

Price: $150,000 For the set view item

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