French Early 20th Century Detailed Bronze Gasolier

Item Number: 241x

This French Louis XVI gasolier is made of hand cast bronze, and dates back to the early 20th century. Gasolier simply means the piece was originally gas burning, and has since been converted to electricity. The piece features details in plenty; note the ribbon crown, the three twisted support rods with knotted elements, the acanthus leaves outreaching from the fluted arms, joined by a grape motif on the scrolling elements. The center ring offers beauty most notably through the added ribbon work accompanying the lion heads. Below rests a finial detailed acorn finial, and lastly floral glass globes surround each of the three lights forming the stamen.

Price: $3,500 view item

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Incredibly Unique French 19th Century Brass Chandelier

Item Number: 1259

This unusual French brass chandelier dates back to the 19th century and features a myriad of unique details. Most notably, the top stem resembles a saw blade, reaching from the ceiling to the elements below. The bottom of the piece features an eight point star, with brass candle cups, brass bobeches, and scroll work with spherical elements above. The piece is dripping in character and uniqueness.

Price: $4,500 view item

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Late 19th Century Hanging Ship Light, Brass and Copper

Item Number: 623x

This Antique ship lantern is made of Brass and Copper. The piece dates back to the late 19th century, and was originally hung in an old ship, likely placed in the ship’s gallery. The flashlight shaped piece’s time on the water is tangible, and fills the fixture with character and history to spare.

Price: $600 view item

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French 20th Century Bronze Lantern with Bevelled Glass Panes

Item Number: 297x

This beautiful French lantern is made of bronze and dates back to the 20th century. The piece features fantastic beveled glass panes throughout. The bronze work is detailed and abundant, note the crown, pattern work in the upper ring, added elements at top, and the detailed finial below. The piece combines simplicity and detail to create a well balanced lantern ready to bring light and character to any home.

Price: $1,250 Each, also available as a pair view item

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French Louis XVI French Horn Chandeliers with Silvered Brass, Also Available as a Pair

Item Number: 4637

This French Belle Epoque chandelier is made of silvered brass, and features beautiful ‘French Horn’ arms draped with detailed rope and hung with tassels. The piece dates back to the early 20th century, and features acanthus leaves on top the fluted central stem and is finished with bow work on the center ring and finally a detailed acorn finial at bottom. The silvered brass gleams with character and will offer a beautiful French element to any home. The piece is sold individually, or as a pair.

Price: $3,000 Each, also available as a pair view item

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Unique French 19th Century Louis XVI Chandelier with Ropes, Tassels, and Roses

Item Number: 213x

This incredibly unique French Louis XVI chandelier features a beautiful rope & tassel design and dates back to the late 19th century. The details are abundant throughout; note the acanthus leaves at top as well as the crown’s finial mirrored in the center ring’s finial. Vines with roses wrap around each of the three fluted ropes, with a singular butterfly below. Continuing down we meet the garland filled center ring with three lights pointing horizontally, and one below facing the ground. Each light is surrounded by a flower shaped globe, and has a beautifully detailed bobeche. Detailed tassels are found at each of the three ropes’ ends, culminating the chandeliers’ abundant details.

Price: $6,500 view item

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French Late 19th Century Empire Iron and Tole Chandelier

Item Number: 267x

This French Empire tole and iron chandelier is painted black with a beautiful patina. The piece dates back to the late 19th century and offers a combination of simplicity and details; note the five strands of spiraling chain that are mirrored in the top and bottom spiraling elements of the central ring, the arms are draped in simple acanthus leaves as are the bobeches. The chandelier offers an ideal combination of a medieval rustic feeling and a light French design making it perfect for any modern home.

Price: $4,250 view item

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Louis XVI Bronze Chandelier with Porcelain Flowers

Item Number: 638x

This small Louis XVI Chandelier features a single downward facing bulb covered by a faux-flame shade, surrounded by a trio of trailing white porcelain flowers. The golden bronze glimmers with outreaching branches of leaves extending from the three arms, as a ribbon sits atop the crown. Its simplicity is accompanied by lovely details, delivering a fixture with an understated elegance.

Price: $1,750 view item

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French Early 20th Century Glass Floriate Light

Item Number: 549x

This simple French fluted glass hanging light is constructed to mirror the shape of a lotus flower and dates back to the early 20th century. The piece features thick blown glass surrounding a single light, and is available as a pair as well as individually.

Price: $500 Each, also available as a pair view item

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Art Nouveau Bronze & Porcelain Chandelier

Item Number: 413x

This whimsical Art Nouveau chandelier is made of bronze and features a floriate design adorned with porcelain blossoms and bronze leaves. The two bulbs extend parallel to the central stem, and are accompanied by two additional bronze arms extending at an acute angle with leaves and a budding flower. The porcelain bouquet at top features beautiful pastels in light blue and a light orange. This would be a magnificent accent piece, or bring a beautiful French character to an entry or hallway.

Price: $3,500 view item

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