19th Century Chinese Rose Medallion Centerpiece with Bronze d’Ore Mounts



This masterful Chinese Rose Medallion centerpiece is mounted with intricately beautiful French bronze d’oré in the Louis XV style. The French antique piece dates back to the 19th century. In the 18th and 19th century the French had a strong affinity for Chinese porcelain and would add extraordinary bronze handles and bases like those seen here to make the piece grander. The details in the bronze is fantastic; note the dragon heads at the top of the handles, the reticulated top with intricate pattern work, and the animalistic heads resting at the base. The difficulty rests only in which aspect to lend our gaze; the beautifully detailed porcelain, or the pristine gold leafed bronze.

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Height: 13 inches

Width: 22.5 inches

Item Number: 6219

Price: $15,000

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